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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
Bonn UBF Is Still The Model For UBF 
14th-Nov-2006 02:00 am
Members of some German UBFs attended a UBF conference in the Chech Republic. According to a mission report written to Chicago UBF by Peter Chang from Bonn, the Chech UBF wants to be like Bonn UBF. An excerpt from the report states, "Missionary Stephen Park shared a Bonn pioneering mission report and thanked God for his grace and blessing on Bonn ministry. Everyone also wanted to live sacrificial life like Bonn missionaries."

The UBF standard is to worship the church directors as the members of Bonn UBF worship Peter Chang. The goal is that all UBF members treat their leaders as a god.
17th-Nov-2006 03:15 pm (UTC) - Re: Dr. Peter Chang's theology
There are other strange things here. Chang writes that this is a first "historic" conference though UBF has been in the country for 16 years. It's leader had been Isaac Shin who was originally a UBF missionary in Stuttgart, Germany. During the reform movement in 2001, 4 Korean missionary families separated from him because of his authoritarian style or other typical problems, and Shin stayed alone. Three years ago, he died. It seems UBF wants to reestablish his ministry, using his wife and kids, and sendig some more Koreans.

The sentence "Everyone also wanted to live sacrificial life like Bonn missionaries." is the last sentence in the report. It seems to be Chang's resumee of his visit there. He is obviously trying to recommend himself in Chicago as the future Europe UBF leader.

It's also interesting that Reiner Schauwienold participated. He's the right hand man of Kaleb Hong.

The title on the first picture says "Do you love me? Feed my sheep." The typical UBF program.

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