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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
Abusing Bible key verse... 
19th-Nov-2006 10:45 pm
It seems that the most widely abused Bible key verse in UBF is Matthew 6:33. The key verse is about "seeking first his kindgom and his righteousness". In UBF "seeking his kindgom and his righteousness" has been established as attending Friday meeting absolutely, attending weekly fellowship meetin absolutely, attending summer bible conference absolutely, attending easter conference absolutely, participating christmass drama absolutely, having 12 one to one absolutely, writig testimony absolutely, marriage by faith, obeying one's shepherd absolutely, sending out 100,000 missionaries etc..

This kind of UBF mindset is not unique. This kind of mindset is very popular among Korean churches and other cultic organizations. The problems is that UBFers have no doubt that things may not be "seeking his kingdom and his righteousness". In their effort to promote their business, UBF leaders practically narrowed the meaning of the Bible keay verse under religious subjectivity. So when they teach "seeking first his kindgom and his righteousness", they actually teach that "serving UBF", "partcipating in UBF work", and "obeying UBF system absolutely" are the same as or more importat than "seeking first his kindgom and his righteousness".
23rd-Nov-2006 04:34 am (UTC)
To their minds, all people are imperfect and should be regarded as equal. What should we do about this? Don't know. I have no answer.

Shafer has "no answer" to a problem that isn't a problem at all. This is indicative of the distorted reality that he lives in in UBF. He confuses postmodern people with people who can see the signs of cultic activity in UBF and leave as a result.

Further evidence of his distorted reality is his offering Sam Lee (again) as an example of a "good shepherd" who didn't try to look like strong leader and didn't demand respect from those under them, a shepherd who did not try to look like a saint but tried to look like a forgiven sinner. Huh? What reality is Shafer living in? This is about as realistic as the North Koreans' portrayals of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. Who is helped by these continued distortions of the person and life of Sam Lee?

Overall, this essay by Shafer reads like a call for a UBF that is more sensitive to what UBF thinks of as "postmodern" attitudes. The UBF message "performance" shouldn't be so repetitive and boring, it should be more conversational. The UBF shepherd should "look" and "sound" more humble. But the biblical mandate for the Christian community, based on Jesus' teaching, to be equals, to be brothers is rejected. To be clear, the UBF of today continues to say no in practice to the clear teachings of Christ. In UBF terms, to think "outside the box" means to make UBF performances flashier for the younger people of today, but like Shafer, no one dares to question or venture "outside the box" of the authoritarian coersion and control program that has been UBF's trademark.
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