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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
Abusing Bible key verse... 
19th-Nov-2006 10:45 pm
It seems that the most widely abused Bible key verse in UBF is Matthew 6:33. The key verse is about "seeking first his kindgom and his righteousness". In UBF "seeking his kindgom and his righteousness" has been established as attending Friday meeting absolutely, attending weekly fellowship meetin absolutely, attending summer bible conference absolutely, attending easter conference absolutely, participating christmass drama absolutely, having 12 one to one absolutely, writig testimony absolutely, marriage by faith, obeying one's shepherd absolutely, sending out 100,000 missionaries etc..

This kind of UBF mindset is not unique. This kind of mindset is very popular among Korean churches and other cultic organizations. The problems is that UBFers have no doubt that things may not be "seeking his kingdom and his righteousness". In their effort to promote their business, UBF leaders practically narrowed the meaning of the Bible keay verse under religious subjectivity. So when they teach "seeking first his kindgom and his righteousness", they actually teach that "serving UBF", "partcipating in UBF work", and "obeying UBF system absolutely" are the same as or more importat than "seeking first his kindgom and his righteousness".
1st-Dec-2006 05:15 am (UTC)
Shafer writes: "Many young people immediately leave UBF when they sense that our ministry is hierarchical. They hear about shepherds and missionaries and senior shepherds and chapter directors, and soon they find out that they are 'sheep.' "

Interesting admission that UBF is indeed hierarchical. It has been and is fiercely hierarchical. The Baptist church I currently attend has missionaries and former missionaries, but they don't insist upon some place in the church hierarchy, they aren't placed on some pedestal above the "ordinary" members of the congregation. They would never try to get between the congregation and Jesus by exalting themselves or other men. They see themselves as "sheep" like the rest of us, with Christ as our Shepherd. This is proper and biblical, unlike UBF.
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