hdchris (hdchris) wrote in rsqubf,

Religious Charlatans

Two quotes about Benny Hinn made in this video: "His supporters seem to give him their total trust and faith" ... "In the beginning, he may have been serious, but he has become intoxicated by the money, by the power." I start to see very similar traits in the ways how crooks and charlatans like Samuel Lee and Benny Hinn work, motivated by money and power or power and money (see also here). Two more quotes: "It's not just Pastor Benny, it's all of these big ministries. They start believing that they are special, and all of that ministry money is their piggybank." And also this last one does not only apply to Benny Hinn, but also to Sarah Barry and John Jun: "Your ministry is based on lies, and it's time to begin telling the truth, because you're gonna have to meet your maker soon."
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