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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
23rd-Nov-2006 01:47 pm
Did anybody notice that UBF launched their professionally made UBF.tv website (the outward appearance looks professionally, the content like the boring message of Mr. John Jun in broken English being in stark contrast). Disgusting thing. Of course, the feature on the front page is "Founder's Day". And of course, it is a propaganda site only. You cannot leave comments or anything. There is a staff section, but as usual it is protected with a password.
23rd-Nov-2006 06:23 pm (UTC)
I think ubf.tv is very poorly designed. So I decided to list some funtionalities to be improved to help out ubfers.

First thing I noitced is that there is redundancy. At the bottom of the site, video categories are listed. One of them is "Bible message". But ubf official website already has a feafure called "Video Messages". So "Bible message" is redundant. If they want to keep "Bible message", then they need to have the items in "Videl Messages" appear in "Bible message" by automatic update. Right now "Bible message" is just wasting space. (Of course, all items on ubf.tv are waste.)

When user opens ubf.tv website, the initial items on the right frame of the main tv window are automatically updated. Form there when user clicks on any feature at the bottom, the right panel of the tv main frame is updated wity the items related the feature. But then the user cannot bring up the initial listings unless he/she clicks the UBF.tv logo at the top left of the webpage. But how many users will know this? So I recommend that they put a button to go back to initial listings at the bottom too.

When ubf.tv initially opens up, there is a small frame called "World Mission News" at the top of the video item listing frame. But once a user clicks on one of the video categories at the bottom, it disappears.

At the bottom left, they list links to various ubf websites. But the link to "Contact Us" does not work!! Whell, this is not unexpected of course. This is typical ubf design philosophy: When you find a problem with our website, do not tell us! It would a good idea to put a link to "Help" there too. So when user cliks "Help", it brings up a page that gives a brief overview of how to use ubf.tv. But one cannot expect even this small kindenss from ubfers.

How about adding a feature to change veide size: 2x, full? Right now there is only one size. How about adding a feature to change volume? Right now there is only on/off function. Well these are all typical of ubf.

Anyway if anyone finds other problems, list them here to help out ubfers. They call us enemies but let's still try to help them out.
23rd-Nov-2006 07:33 pm (UTC)
According to this Founder's day report, "More than 400 members celebrated the day". Take a look at the video titled "Founder's day - Orchestra" on ubf.tv. It doesn't look like there were that many people present.
24th-Nov-2006 05:02 pm (UTC)
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