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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
The Korean concept of "learning" 
2nd-Jun-2005 12:30 am
Recently I talked with somebody about our observation that the level of education and ability to learn, work, think independently and think logically of UBF missionaries was so amazingly low, though they were coming from Korean universities. I also was amazed that they equated university study with "learning" (by heart) only. This may be the case in medicine, but in Germany focus is laid on independent, creative thinking and putting things into relation, not only in learning things by heart. I have also heard how these missionaries used to learn the whole night, sometimes literally "eating" books, taking pills against sleep etc. Yet the outcome was so low. They only learned for the respective upcoming examination and then forgot everything again. It was just mechanical learning. I saw the same when they were learning German language in the UBF Center, very diligently, but completely inefficiently. Obviously the Korean education system is laid out in a way that mechanical learning, conformity and obedience is the number 1 goal. Today I was confirmed by this article. Korean pupils and students wake up and start to protest against this system. From the article: Park Soo Woo, 15, said: "In Europe, the identity of children is respected. The South Korean education destroys this identity." See also www.idoo.net if you are able to read Korean.
4th-Jun-2005 08:57 am (UTC)
Distorting mistake corrected, I hope it is now better understandable.
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