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UBF Ten Commandments 
8th-Dec-2006 10:43 am
The following is an excerpt from Anamgol UBF Sunday message on Ten Commandments. Anamgol UBF is considered the most exemplary UBF chapter in the world. The message is about the last half of the Ten Commandments. The fifth command is about honoring one's parents. But the Anamgol message twists the meaning of the very important commandment and says that one should respect his one-to-one shepherd as a God's messenger and as someone("대리자") who is equal to God in representing him in this world. The Anamgol message emphasizes that one will be blessed by God and grow greatly in his faith when he respects his one-to-one shepherd as such.

"...부모 공경의 계명은 조금 더 나아가보면 모든 위계질서에 대한 존중으로 연결됩니다. 우리는 웃어른들을 잘 섬기고 존경을 표해주어야합니다. 지도자들, 학교의 선생님, 직장 상사들 모두가 우리가 존경해야합니다. 만일 이들이 불의를 행하면 그것에 대해 우리는 경계하지만 그들이 있는 그 위치로 인하여 존경해 주어야합니다. 우리는 목자님들을 존경해야합니다. 자기의 일대일 목자님을 존경해하고 그 말씀 한마디 한마디를 귀담아 들어가면서 배우고 성장해야합니다. 일대일 목자님은 나를 위한 하나님의 대리자요 메신저로 알고 존경해야합니다. 우리는 우리의 목자님들을 영적 아버지 어머니로 귀하게 여기고 감사해야합니다. 목자님들이 우리 한사람을 위해 얼마나 마음 졸이며 또 마음 썩어가면서 기도하고 자기의 시간과 물질을 드려가면서, 심지어 자기 자녀를 뒤로 두고 와서 섬기는 줄 조금이라도 생가해보시기 바랍니다. 그런데 이런 것은 생각도 않고 목자님들의 희생과 섬김을 무시하고 함부로 대하면 하나님이 그 사람의 인생을 축복해주실 수 없습니다. 하나님은 살아계신 하나님 이십니다. 다 보고 듣고 계십니다. 우리가 이를 알고 행한다면 하나님은 그 사람을 축복하시고 큰 믿음의 진보가 있게 하실 것입니다..."
12th-Dec-2006 01:30 am (UTC) - Re: English translation
"It seems to me that the difficulty arises because the Anamgol messenger uses Korean words that are vague in meaning. As his words are vague, his thinking based on vague words also becomes vague. So the whole messge becomes vague."

Vague statements in messages and during Bible studies are common place in UBF. UBF's messages are so vague, a native Korean has difficulty translating the message into English.

If the messenger was confronted by a sheep who is upset by the idea of holding shepherds equal to God, the messenger would deny that shepherds are equal with God and that it was just a misunderstanding. The messenger will subtly tell the sheep is too spiritually young to understand the message. Further, the messenger will urge the sheep to keep studying the Bible with UBF so that he can grow spiritually and deeply receive God's word. The sheep will blame himself for the misunderstanding, remain in UBF, and assume that future misunderstandings are because of his spiritual weakness.

This is another connection UBF uses: vague messages to misunderstanding to blame the sheep to committed sheep. Many times when I confronted Isaac Kim about his words, he claimed it was just a misunderstanding. Then, he would state that we should study the Bible together and fellowship together so that I could better understand him. When we got together 1:1, he told me I was proud and needed to repent and respect him as God's servant.
12th-Dec-2006 10:38 pm (UTC) - Re: English translation
I think the vagueness and implied meaning of UBf messages is why UBF rejects the topical Bible study method. Their chapter by chapter verse by verse paraphrasing method of the books of the Bible, with their own chosen examples thrown in, is a more effective way of manipulating their hearers and keeping them in line.

Still this Anamgol message seems to direct to be delivered to American students. I don't think Teddy Hembekides would ever deliver such a direct message at Triton or Mark Vusekavich at DePaul.
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