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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
John Kim (Myengruen Center) 
5th-Jan-2007 12:40 am
I wrote an article about one of the 15 questions from the Korean UBF reform committee that was about Mark Yang's shameful affair with one intern shepherdess for four and half years. One of the signees of the 15 questions was John Kim (Myengruen Center). I found out that John Kim is now the president of Kukje Theological University and Seminary. Does anyone have more information about him?
5th-Jan-2007 04:11 pm (UTC) - nice find
Hey human,

Good detective work. I have no information on this man, but was wondering, what is your opinion of this Kukje Seminary? Is it reputable, established, healthy, etc? John Kim tried to be a leader of the old reform ubf movement, perhaps he has gone in a different direction.

When reading the Mark Yang story, it looks like the abused family got some money from Yang, and later got some money from Jun. Is that right? I remember when Yang came to Chicago. He walked around in green army training clothes all the time. He was not allowed to give any messages or show off in any way. I also remember when Deutschland Abe Lee was in Chicago. He also was not allowed to show off, but was supposed to be receiving 'humbleness training'. Later I was told that Abe Lee was in Chicago strictly due to his own sexual harrassment and misconduct. In his case there was no mention of him making any cash settlement. In both cases, neither guy admitted to anything.

8th-Jan-2007 04:52 pm (UTC) - Re: nice find
what is your opinion of this Kukje Seminary? Is it reputable, established, healthy, etc?

I found some information about this Kukje Seminary on Korean websites. They say that Kukje Seminary was founded in 1970's by some reform-minded professors from Chongsin University. Chongsin University is well-known seminary in Korea. I think Samuel Lee is from Chongsin. They say that there was/is a lot of corruption in running Chongsin and many pastors graduated from this school are responsible for all the corruptions in Korean Christianity. Kukje Seminary claims that their theological education is based on pietism and strives for church reform.
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