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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
The new European director 
13th-Jan-2007 09:46 pm
Dr. Peter Chang is the new UBF European director.

"After the message Dr. Peter Chang was anointed new director of UBF Europe. Missionary Kaleb Hong who led European ministry for the past 5 years successfully through difficult times was appointed as Honorary European Director. Leaders placed their hands on both of these servants and prayed for them whole heartedly..."

He rose to this position after 5 years of Kaleb Hong's reign in Europe. Can anybody shed some light on this change in power in Europe? I remember thatn Dr. Peter Chang used to pray for Germany to become the world mission headquarters. I understand that Dr. Peter Chang is an adament supporter of Dr. Samuel Lee's stupid theology. How is European UBF going to work under Dr. Peter Chang's reign? I am more interested to know why and how the decision was made to replace the current European director. Any comment about this new change is appreciated.
14th-Jan-2007 11:42 am (UTC)
As far as I understood, Chang had always ambitions to become the European leader. He always successfully depicted himself and his chapter as the best and most exemplary one in Europe and claimed leadership as being the most diligent and committed people in UBF, and indeed they are like a cult in a cult. Even in terms of UBF, Bonn UBF is considered too extreme by many. However, by the logic of such a cultish system, officially you cannot be too determined to the idea of UBF, so they could never accuse him of anything because they would question the whole system by doing so. Instead it was only consequent to make him the leader.

At one point in time about 12 years ago it had already been considered by Samuel Lee to make him the European leader, but he faced opposition of the other German leaders who were standing behind Abraham Lee. Maybe Samuel Lee also felt that Chang could become too powerful. Though shortly before Lee died, it seemed he made another attempt to praise Peter Chang probably in preparation of making him the leader. Then came the big scandal and it was not opportune at that time. So UBF put up Kaleb Hong who was the only real hardcore leader in Germany left after all the others had become "reformers", and simply waited until the scandal had been forgotten and now seems to be the opportune time.

Also, Kaleb Hong is a man who doesn't like to be busy too much. He likes to enjoy his life not in too much luxury, but without much work and quietly. A "honorary position" is just what pleases him. He already spoke about wanting to retire when I was in UBF and I found that very strange and not in line with the spirit of UBF where you should work until you die.

So all of this is not really astonishing and could have been predicted easily (and there were already a lot of signs in this direction for many months as I heard from insiders).

Another important point to understand is that Peter Chang is probably the only real strong cult leader personality in UBF. It's kind of he has this evil energy and genius and mind on his own, different from the others who have mere borrowed, indoctrinated cult "sub-leader" personalities. Kind of "genuine" evil like it was apparent in Samuel Lee. One Korean UBF member whom I asked why Kaleb Hong did not displace Chang when the large scandal became public, answered that Kaleb Hong told him Chang was "too powerful."

And no, I would not say that Chang is an adamant supporter of Lee's theology. He is so only as long as this is of benefit for him. But he can change and use different strategies and ideologies as well for gaining money, power and followers, like his ISMF music and Co-World computer business. In this he is more like Sun Myung Moon. Chang is not a slave of UBF ideology; he is only exploiting it for his purpose as long as he needs. He can change the rules at any time. He has the psychological genius to make people his slaves, and even more so, worship him while being his slaves, creating a cult of personality. He is the only leader in UBF with such an (evil) genius, the only one fit to hold a candle to Samuel Lee, and probably even surpassing him in his evil mind and capabilities.

In the movie on North Korea I have just posted, it was remarked that Stalin put Kim Il Song into power, but he was different from the other communist puppet leaders he had put into power in that he had his own mind. In North Korea, it is less about communism, than about worshipping the leaders. So it is with Peter Chang. He is not a puppet of the leadership, and he is not a slave of the system, but he uses the system as a framework to get more power. Maybe one day he will take over the whole UBF...
16th-Jan-2007 03:32 pm (UTC) - Bonn UBF scandal
What was the big scandal in Bonn several years ago that you refer to? Is it the investigations by German authorities over child abuse/neglect or something else?
16th-Jan-2007 08:08 pm (UTC) - Re: Bonn UBF scandal
Yes. There was an investigation by the public prosecutor over the beating and child neglect, and the case was covered by the media. However, the case had to be closed, because things were time-barred, witnesses suddenly retracted, members claimed they were beaten voluntarily, parents instead of Chang were made responsible for neglecting the children (which was done by order of Chang in reality, but parents are considered responsible anyway) etc. It is hardly possible to punish cult leaders. During the scandal, all reformers signed a statement in which they distanced themselves from Chang because he did not repent. In the beginning, even Kaleb Hong confirmed that the accusations were true, but he soon changed his mind when he recognized that Chang still had the backing of the top leadership. It was a big scandal here. About 6 consistent testimonies had been published which all confirmed the wrongdoing of Chang.
17th-Jan-2007 05:13 pm (UTC) - Re: Bonn UBF scandal
Thanks. I only knew what I read in some of the testimonies on line.
9th-Feb-2007 07:23 am (UTC)
In case anyone missed it, this promotion of the unrepentent Chang is a gross perversion of justice, a corruption of the worst kind, detestable to God. And this corruption is inherent in the current leadership of UBF.
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