human12 (human12) wrote in rsqubf,

The new European director

Dr. Peter Chang is the new UBF European director.

"After the message Dr. Peter Chang was anointed new director of UBF Europe. Missionary Kaleb Hong who led European ministry for the past 5 years successfully through difficult times was appointed as Honorary European Director. Leaders placed their hands on both of these servants and prayed for them whole heartedly..."

He rose to this position after 5 years of Kaleb Hong's reign in Europe. Can anybody shed some light on this change in power in Europe? I remember thatn Dr. Peter Chang used to pray for Germany to become the world mission headquarters. I understand that Dr. Peter Chang is an adament supporter of Dr. Samuel Lee's stupid theology. How is European UBF going to work under Dr. Peter Chang's reign? I am more interested to know why and how the decision was made to replace the current European director. Any comment about this new change is appreciated.

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