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UBF abuse in Turkey 
19th-Jan-2007 02:32 pm
A UBF missionary in Turkey says the following in the mission report:

Two sisters D. and H. who faithfully studied the Bible, came to our house to have daily bread and attended the SWS. But during the year many problems arose. I rebuked D. for making compromises with her family and H. for not being willing to break up with her boy-friend and for her arrogance. After that they started to complain and left. Our two Turkish brothers N. and Y. also left us after I rebuked them. I thought of myself really badly and wondered if I had done right. Finally I remembered my motto which I had back in the Ukraine before coming to Turkey – It is better not to compromise and be without sheep than to compromise and be with sheep. When I kept this life-style in the Ukraine God made me fruitful. So I renewed my personal decision to live as a witness of Jesus making no compromise with sin or relativistic thinking.

This UBF missionary doesn't seem to have sound theological and biblical understanding of "compromise with sin". We do not have enough information in the report why the UBF missionary concluded that D.'s compromise with her family was compromise with sin. The UBF missionary rebuked H. for not being willing to break up with her boy-friend. Is this really appropriate for a Christian missionary to handle the situation regarding H.'s relationship with ther boy-friend? This UBF missionary also rebuked H.'s arrogance. Wow, how did he know that H. was arrogant enough to be rebuked by him? The UBF Turkey ministry is a good example of the abuses going on in every UBF chapter. In UBF compromise with sin is not determined biblically. If one skip UBF worship service to visit his family, he is rebuked for compromising with sin. If one engages in a relationship with someone outside UBF (or even inside UBF), he is rebuked for compromising with sin. This kind of interpretation of compromise with sin is purely based on UBF business and culture set up by one-person authority namely Dr. Samuel Lee. This kind of interpretation is not biblical at all.
20th-Jan-2007 02:46 am (UTC)
The UBF missionary in Turkey also says: When I kept this life-style in the Ukraine God made me fruitful. So I renewed my personal decision to live as a witness of Jesus making no compromise with sin or relativistic thinking.

This seems to imply that he learnd this kind of life style-"rebuking sheep"-in Ukraine. Dr. Peter Kim, the Ukraine director, must be behind this kind of "rebuking sheep". And Dr. Peter Kim must have learned this kind of "rebuking sheep" from his shepherd in Korea. And his shepherd probably must have learned this kind of "rebuking sheep" from Dr. Samuel Lee.

When I was in Chicago UBF, there was this strange impression that the more you could "rebuke" your sheep, the more "spiritual" Christian you are. From time to time, Dr. Ben Toh was praised for "rebuking" his sheep. One Korean missionary told me that other local churches are not "spiritual" because they do not "rebuke" their sheep.

This UBF missionary in Turkey sounds very proud of his "rebuking". One must be rebuked when he commits sin. One must be rebuked when he compromises with sin. But when shoud a Christian leader conclude that one has committed sin to be rebuked or has compromised with sin to be rebuked? I think the UBF missionary didn't spend enough time to pray about the matter before God. But he must have fell into some kind of Christian heroism and acted on his own personal opinion instead of acting on sound theological reasoning. This is the core problem of UBF ministry. Most UBF teachings/practices are based on a leader's personal opinion rather than on sound biblical teaching.

How can the UBF missionary say that D. compromised with sin when she compromised with her family? Is having a boy-friend sin? This is not to say that everyone must have a boy-friend. The issue is whether or not the Bible says that having a boy friend is sin. Suppose a girl had a boy friend before she began to study the Bible seriously. Should she break up with her boy friend now that she is studying the Bible? Or should she be "rebuked" if she decides to maintain the relationship? If she does, does she compromise with sin in this case?

The UBF missionary in Turkey did not teach the biblical principles to D. and H.. I think it is because the UBF missionary was not prepared to handle the complicated real world situation biblically. The only resources he had in those situations were what he learned from Dr. Peter Kim in Kiev UBF spiritual(?) environment. UBF Korean missionaries do not teach the Bible to their sheep. They only teach their sheep to become a committed UBF member. It is all about UBF business.

The UBF missionary says that he renewed his decision of "making no compromise with sin". I don't think he clearly understands what he is saying. He may not even clearly understand his decision of "making no compromise with sin". He may not even know what sin is. So he may not know what it means to "compromise with sin". Probably, he might think that it is sin not coming to UBF sunday service. He might think that it is sin to move to local church. He might think that romance is sin. But without sound theological support based on the good topcial Bible study on them, the UBF missionary might be just acting on his personal opinion. When he forces his personal opinion on others, well, clearly they will argue against him. But then he will say that arguing against him is sin!!! What is worse is that he will believe that that is what the Bible says!!!
20th-Jan-2007 03:39 am (UTC) - none of his business
I think this ubfin is attempting to make a Biblical camoflague, what he may falsely consider discipling, for something very nefarious and unBiblcal. And it is something we have all heard before, it is authoritarianism. The Bible does not give him the authority or the responsibility to tell another person, even a believer, how to run their life and family. Why do I say this? Because the Bible is made so each believer can seek the Lord, and have a personal relationship with the Lord. And have right relationships with others. There is no need to have a 'Bible policeman' like this loser in Turkey is trying to be. I think it is none of his da** business whether another person has a family or friend or girlfriend or whatever. This guy is drunk on self-imposed authority. I would like to clarify why this is none of his da** business. In a real Christian fellowship, there is real accountability, see James 5:16. The ubf system of accountability is false because it is only a one way street. The recruits are made to be 100% accountable to ubfleaders, but ubfleaders are 0% accountable to the recruits, to the society, and I believe they are 0% accountable to God. Ther is nothing left in the ubf 'discipling' system except authoritarianism. The ubf hierarchy does not come from God or the Bible, it comes from the hearts of greedy and worldly people. I think if we can see this, then we can see all these types of rebuking are false and outside the will of God. Even if the ubfleaders rebuked themselves like this, it is still not going to please God. ubf rebuking is sinful man's authoritarianism only, but they camoflague it to appear as accountability to God and ubfleaders.
20th-Jan-2007 05:32 am (UTC) - Re: none of his business
I think this ubfin is attempting to make a Biblical camoflague, what he may falsely consider discipling, for something very nefarious and unBiblcal.

I think the phrase a Biblical camoflague accurately describes the "rebuking" of the UBF missionary in Turkey and in Kiev UBF too. In this article, Pastor Sohn called one of his sheep "Satan" when his sheep raised a question about his decision.

What the UBF missionary in Turkey is doing is basically the same as what Pastor Sohn did. Pastor Sohn could not distinguish Satan from a sincere Christian. Pastor Sohn was blinded by his evil desire to preserve his authority. In his effort to do so, he used a Biblical camoflague. The UBF missionary is also using a Biblical camoflague to build up his ministry. He demands absolute attitude from his sheep. But he hides absolute attitude toward UBF in absolute attitude toward God.

To enforce absolute commitment toward UBF ministry, the UBF missionary creates new sin that is not in the Bible according to his personal opinion. For example, romantic relationship is sin according to him. Compromise with family is compromise with sin. But he thinks that he is serving God with absolute attitude! He does not serve God. When did God say that compromise with family is compromise with sin? The UBF missionary is committing great sin against God because he twists the Bible truth in order to honor his UBF education and UBF culture more than the Bible. In this way he compromises the truth of God in order to honor UBF more than God with a Biblical camoflague.
20th-Jan-2007 06:12 am (UTC) - Re: none of his business
In this article, Pastor Sohn called one of his sheep "Satan" when his sheep raised a question about his decision.

In this Ireland mission report, the UBF missionary John Park says:

But there was a work of Satan during the Bible academy. None of the sheep we had invited on campus showed up. Instead some people from a Christian group on campus came to investigate our meeting. Two staff members questioned us based on materials about UBF they had downloaded from the internet. Fortunately, Shepherd Paul, who works as a lawyer, had come to serve as a messenger and answered the questions well. But there were some questions we could not answer. It seemed as if they had acknowledged the work going on among us as God’s work, but they warned us that we were limited to work on the campus since we were not registered as an official university club. They advised us to meet the chaplain as soon as possible. After finishing the Bible academy I tried to meet the chaplain, but he refused to meet me giving various excuses.

I don't know why John Park didn't consider the event the work of God. Just based on the mission reports from Turkey and Ireland, these UBF missionaries just throw things at random. These UBF missionaries think that anything not good for their ministry is work of Satan and compromise with sin.

Actually the UBF missionaries are to be blamed for what happened during their Bible academy. They did not register as a Christian club at the university! They should have blamed themselves instead of Satan!
20th-Jan-2007 05:38 am (UTC)
I just noticed that the title of the mission report is "Love One Another"! This UBF missionary is just throwing all kinds fancy words that pop up in his mind that is soaked with UBF Christian heroism or UBF Christian romanticism. But he doens't seem to know what comes out of his mouth! What's love?
20th-Jan-2007 09:43 am (UTC)
Good observation, human12. You revealed the fundamental double standard in UBF:

* "Sheep" must be rebuked when they "compromise with sin".
* Leaders may never be rebuked, let God care for them.

Everybody understands that leaders should even be more rebuked if they sin. That's the Biblical standard. But the UBF standard is different.

You also pointed out that it probably was not even sin what the sheep did. They "compromized with their family" in UBF terms, i.e. they considered their family higher than UBF. They loved and honored their parents. In this they showed a higher standard than UBFers do. A girl had a boy-friend. Hm, I suppose that even Mary the mother of Jesus had a boy-friend, Joseph, before they became engaged. No "leader" decided that Mary should marry Joseph or told them to break their friendship. Thirdly, the sheep were said to be "arrogant" in UBF terms, i.e. not obedient to the leader. The reality is that the writer of this report (I know him personally) is one of the most arrogant people in UBF. And yes, you're also right that he only copies the attitude of his leader (Peter Kim) who in turn copied the stance of the top leader Samuel Lee. He was the root of all this arroganze and authoritarism.
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