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UBF abuse in Turkey 
19th-Jan-2007 02:32 pm
A UBF missionary in Turkey says the following in the mission report:

Two sisters D. and H. who faithfully studied the Bible, came to our house to have daily bread and attended the SWS. But during the year many problems arose. I rebuked D. for making compromises with her family and H. for not being willing to break up with her boy-friend and for her arrogance. After that they started to complain and left. Our two Turkish brothers N. and Y. also left us after I rebuked them. I thought of myself really badly and wondered if I had done right. Finally I remembered my motto which I had back in the Ukraine before coming to Turkey – It is better not to compromise and be without sheep than to compromise and be with sheep. When I kept this life-style in the Ukraine God made me fruitful. So I renewed my personal decision to live as a witness of Jesus making no compromise with sin or relativistic thinking.

This UBF missionary doesn't seem to have sound theological and biblical understanding of "compromise with sin". We do not have enough information in the report why the UBF missionary concluded that D.'s compromise with her family was compromise with sin. The UBF missionary rebuked H. for not being willing to break up with her boy-friend. Is this really appropriate for a Christian missionary to handle the situation regarding H.'s relationship with ther boy-friend? This UBF missionary also rebuked H.'s arrogance. Wow, how did he know that H. was arrogant enough to be rebuked by him? The UBF Turkey ministry is a good example of the abuses going on in every UBF chapter. In UBF compromise with sin is not determined biblically. If one skip UBF worship service to visit his family, he is rebuked for compromising with sin. If one engages in a relationship with someone outside UBF (or even inside UBF), he is rebuked for compromising with sin. This kind of interpretation of compromise with sin is purely based on UBF business and culture set up by one-person authority namely Dr. Samuel Lee. This kind of interpretation is not biblical at all.
20th-Jan-2007 06:12 am (UTC) - Re: none of his business
In this article, Pastor Sohn called one of his sheep "Satan" when his sheep raised a question about his decision.

In this Ireland mission report, the UBF missionary John Park says:

But there was a work of Satan during the Bible academy. None of the sheep we had invited on campus showed up. Instead some people from a Christian group on campus came to investigate our meeting. Two staff members questioned us based on materials about UBF they had downloaded from the internet. Fortunately, Shepherd Paul, who works as a lawyer, had come to serve as a messenger and answered the questions well. But there were some questions we could not answer. It seemed as if they had acknowledged the work going on among us as God’s work, but they warned us that we were limited to work on the campus since we were not registered as an official university club. They advised us to meet the chaplain as soon as possible. After finishing the Bible academy I tried to meet the chaplain, but he refused to meet me giving various excuses.

I don't know why John Park didn't consider the event the work of God. Just based on the mission reports from Turkey and Ireland, these UBF missionaries just throw things at random. These UBF missionaries think that anything not good for their ministry is work of Satan and compromise with sin.

Actually the UBF missionaries are to be blamed for what happened during their Bible academy. They did not register as a Christian club at the university! They should have blamed themselves instead of Satan!
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