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Bonn UBF Prayer

I think I just read the most ridiculous theology on prayer. Accroding to this report on UBF German leaders conference, Dr. Peter Chang gave a lecture on prayer like this:

He asked us to mount a spiritual attack against Satan, launching “fiery cruise missiles of prayer” each morning deep into the enemy’s territory. He asked us to find new, unexpected and creative ways to serve God that will confuse Satan and advance God’s kingdom.

“fiery cruise missiles of prayer”, what kind of prayer is that? I've never heard such ridiculous analogy of prayer as this one. I am not even sure if this is theologically correct teaching about prayer. Dr. Peter Chang teaches that prayer is like a cruise missie, an assault weapon. I don't think this correctly models the pattern of prayer that Jesus shows us in Gethsemane. In Gethsemane, Jesus prayed that God's will be done but not his. I think that should be the essence of prayer. I don't think a leader should use prayer as a tool to advance his ministry according to his own will. Dr. Peter Chang's attitude is the exact opposite of that of Jesus'.

This kind of attitude shows the fundamental problem in UBF. Dr. Peter Chang is more excited about business and using every means possible. He seems to be poised to forcefully advance God's kindgom by launching “fiery cruise missiles of prayer” each morning and by finding new, unexpected and creative ways to serve God that will confuse Satan. But it seems that Dr. Peter Chang is already confused by his business mindedness. He should first consult God to see if he is obeying God's will through early morning prayer. But he sounds as if he would not need God's will on his new projects. I can guarantee that there will be big confusion in Dr. Peter Chang's camp if he runs everything according to his own will.
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