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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
Holly Lord 
22nd-Jan-2007 11:27 am
Last week I accidentally ran across several discussions about myself on the web, regarding University Bible Fellowship (UBF). That is how I eventually came to this forum. People in UBF would have known me as Holly Lord.

Here are the posts I saw from 2002:

and from 2004:

and from October of 2006:

I have to admit, I was surprised to see that I was not only remembered but also being discussed more than ten years after I had left the organization. I had been involved with UBF for about five and a half years, from 1988 until 1993.

I began to think about my experience in UBF. I read a number of posts by former members, such as those posted at http://www.ubf-net.de/int/rep/index.en.htm and posts on the boards listed above. Many things came back to me which I had forgotten, and I learned things about UBF's abuses that I did not know before. I have posted a testimony about my experience in UBF at http://www.geocities.com/holly.lord/ubf.html.

12th-Feb-2007 10:45 am (UTC) - Re: Question about your fears during your UBF exit
I am pretty sure that they would not have "kidnapped" you since as you said that would not have worked. How they behave towards dropouts depends on the situation. If you make critical remarks to other recruits, they will try to frighten you away and tell the other people bad things about you. If you are quiet, they may try to win you back by a combination of love-bombing, guilt-tripping and obstinate persuasion.

However, there were also cases when UBF more or less kidnapped dropouts. They would do this to people who have no one to talk to and complain, or do not speak the language of the country etc. There is a testimony of a Korean UBF missionary in Germany who was kidnapped and held in a room against her will. Also, my wife was "kidnapped" shortly before our marriage in order to prevent the marriage, because I was "disobedient." At that time, she had no person to complain to in Germany except me (but they did not tell me where they had brought her) and she did not speak German.

With other words: UBF knows very well how far they can go in each situation, and when they have the power over somebody, they will exploit it. They have no scruples or respect of human rights and dignity.
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