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Recent Germany Report by Schaefer

The recent report on Germany by Joe Schaefer has been discussed a bit already. He is obviously standing in the tradition of Samuel Lee talking about things he knows only second hand and painting a picture that fits into the mind of UBF, but is far from reality.

One example: "three second-gens from Bonn began a technology business that is intended to help to support future missionaries throughout the world."

Andrew pointed out that UBF here seems to prepare members that in future, business will play a greater role, so they will not be amazed when they find out what strange businesses are already going on in the background of UBF. Of course, the story of the "3 2nd gens" is false. The mastermind behind the business (and owner of the company) is Peter Chang himself. The others are only his unpaid workers.

Another example: "More than 1,200 residents of Bonn attended their tsunami-relief charity concert at Beethoven Hall. This concert helped Bonn UBF to shine the light of Christ"

That concert was not performed in the name of UBF, but under the name of the ISMF (another business/front-group of Chang), and God or Christ were not mentioned in the concert at all. It was just to win more popularity for his ISMF group, and get players more involved.

And then this one: "The political and social atmosphere around Germany has been highly secularized. Recently, one member of Parliament got into trouble and was heavily criticized simply because he revealed that he is a Christian."

One of many false claims by Joe Schaefer in that report. UBFers like to hear such stories and then spread them without checking whether they are true, if they fit into their mindset. But I know of no such event. Many parliament members if not the majority are Christians. In fact our largest party is called "Christian Democratic Union". Our current President Koehler is a confessing Christian, just as our current Federal Chancellor Merkel (here you can read an article where she explains "Why I am a Christian"). Just because somebody is a Christian, he will not get into trouble or get heavily criticized. Just as UBF is not criticized "only for being Christians" as they often claim.

So Schaefer gets all kinds of facts wrong. He also wrote how more German native persons become leaders. Just look at the picture from the conference! The few German faces were mostly accompanying people. Walter Nett became leader of Cologne I, but his place in Duesseldorf was occupied by a Korean again. So this counts +-1=0. Also, Abraham Lee is still leading Cologne I in the back, and Markus Kum is in reality leading Cologne II. The top leader Kaleb Hong was replaced by Peter Chang who is even more Korean in nature. (Once I heard a summary of his leadership style as "He wants to make Koreans out of Germans").

The only constant in UBF is how they glorify their own miserable history, writing their own version of history instead which is far from reality.

By the way, the report also shows that Peter Chang is still using sleep deprivation as a means to control and manipulate people: "Dr. Peter Chang encouraged these three missionaries to overcome their difficult situation and come to Daily Bread prayer meetings at 4:00 am. When other coworkers saw their dedication and self-sacrifice, they started to come to the prayer meetings as well. Students began to sleep at the Center to make sure that they wouldn’t miss the 4am prayer." BTW, front-groups, church-owned businesses and sleep deprivation are some of many common characteristics of Bonn UBF with the Moon cult.
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