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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
Dr. John Armstrong 
29th-Jan-2007 11:26 pm
The following article by Dr. John Armstrong was posted on UBF website. Dr. Armstrong says the following:

Two things have totally convinced me of the credibility of UBF. First, my own personal relationships with UBF leaders. I have taken the time to get to know Pastor Ron Ward of the Chicago UBF very well. We have shared hours and hours of fellowship over the past twelve months. I know this man and I love his heart for God and for the gospel. He is a sound, humble, and Christ-centered servant. He is willing to admit his mistakes and is personally gracious almost to a fault. I have come to love him and I deeply admire him. When I pursued these charges with Ron he answered them in ways that I found convincing and credible. He admits that there were errors the group made in the past and more things will likely be discovered and need further correction in the future. But Ron seeks to grow and be faithful as a servant of the church. And he is both accountable and genuinely teachable.
30th-Jan-2007 06:49 am (UTC)
Dr. Armstrong claims to know UBF leaders. But his argument to back up the claim seems to be mostly based on one person: Pastor Ron Ward of the Chicago UBF.

My personal impression about his argument is that he seems to be too naive about many fundamental problems of UBF leadership because he was too impressed by UBF zeal for world mission. Dr. Armstrong seems to need to investigate the characteristics of UBF zeal and UBF leaership more carefully.

Most of all, Dr. Armstrong's argument about UBF leadership is too weak. He argues that he knows Pastor Ron Ward of the Chicago UBF ver well. Does he really? Does he know the real position of Pastor Ron Ward in the context of UBF hierarchical structure? Does he even understand how UBF leadership position is structured?

What troubles me about Dr. Armstrong's arguement is that he seems to make a conclusion about UBF power structure based on his acquaintance with Pastor Ron Ward. What he should have done is the other way around: Understand the UBF power structure first and then understand Pastor Ron Ward's role and position in that context. But he seems to have taken easier way and made the conclusion that UBF is ok because Pastor Ron Ward is ok. I claim that Dr. Armstrong does not understand UBF power struture. Pastor Ron Ward is not at the core of UBF power structure is he? Pastor Ron Ward is not the author of the harmful UBF theology is he? Pastor Ron Ward is not the architect of the UBF culture and environment is he?

Dr. Armstrong seems to say that UBF is accountable and teachable because Pastor Ron Ward is accountable and teachable. So I claim that Dr. Armstrong knows nothing about UBF. In UBF everyone is accountable and teachable except John Jun and Dr. Peter Chang and all UBF one-to-one shepherds who are considered equal to God. UBF missionaries have the authority to break up family and any personal relationship.

I think Dr. Armstrong is too naive about UBF and UBF power structure. His argument is too weak to be considered professional. I am very disappointed at the depth of his theological reasoning about UBF. I expected more from a professor from Wheaton College which is considered one of the most prestigious institutions of Christian theology.
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