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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
Dr. John Armstrong 
29th-Jan-2007 11:26 pm
The following article by Dr. John Armstrong was posted on UBF website. Dr. Armstrong says the following:

Two things have totally convinced me of the credibility of UBF. First, my own personal relationships with UBF leaders. I have taken the time to get to know Pastor Ron Ward of the Chicago UBF very well. We have shared hours and hours of fellowship over the past twelve months. I know this man and I love his heart for God and for the gospel. He is a sound, humble, and Christ-centered servant. He is willing to admit his mistakes and is personally gracious almost to a fault. I have come to love him and I deeply admire him. When I pursued these charges with Ron he answered them in ways that I found convincing and credible. He admits that there were errors the group made in the past and more things will likely be discovered and need further correction in the future. But Ron seeks to grow and be faithful as a servant of the church. And he is both accountable and genuinely teachable.
30th-Jan-2007 03:07 pm (UTC)
I think such people have no right to say anything about UBF because they do not know UBF from inside. Even if he spends more years with Ward, or even with many other UBF leaders, he will always be treated completely different from the ordinary student recruited by UBF who was to undergo UBF training, arranged marriage and a lot of abuse. What was the purpose of Ward's fellowshipping with Armstrong and their invitation to conferences? It was exactly in order to gain credibility through them. Surely Ward did everything possible to give that impression that UBF was not a cult. What did he expect?

And he did not take any time and effort to speak with UBF critics, but listened only to Ward. With this article he is mocking the many victims of UBF abuse. He did not discuss any of the concrete issues we have with UBF, but makes sweeping statements from his gut feeling with Ward. He is the typical cult apologist. So arrogantly dismissing the testimony of many dropouts and any basic knowledge about cult dynamics. If a young college recruit talks like that, I could understand it. But as a scholar, this is so disgustful.

This makes me so angry. This is heaping hurt on those who have been abused, and enables UBF to abuse more people in the student by giving this abusive group credibility. Shame on you, Mr. Armstrong.
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