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To be different...

I found an article on Here is an excerpt from the acricle:

When God established our ministry, God intended us to become "different people." God raised us up to be different from worldly people, gave us a specific mission different from that of other ministries, and led us to carry out our mission in different ways. Now it has been 40 years since our ministry began. Forty years reminds us of the forty years of the Israelites' wilderness training. Since the forty years are over, shall we go to the land of Canaan and enjoy flowing milk and honey? Sometimes it may be good to enjoy milk and honey. But one thing is clear: whether we enjoy milk and honey or not, in any and every circumstances, God's will for us is that we become different people, a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.

For the last two years our ministry experienced a painful division. Someone said, "Well, the time is changed. We have been persecuted a lot. Now let us change our ministry as one which serves the same common functions of the church." Others said, "We must maintain our specific mission, spirit and way of working in UBF to the end."

How can this UBF messenger justify UBF ministry only based on the fact that UBF is "different"? I mean, being different is the most critical requirement in establishing a Christian ministry? Being "different" is nothing but a political propaganda to maintain the present power structure in UBF. The UBF leaders are using the sincere hearts of innocent UBF sheep to maintain their power and authority
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