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2007 New Year message by Joh Jun

In the following 2007 New Year's message by John Jun, he greatly emphasizes "making" disciples. He says:

"In Matthew 28:19 Jesus gives disciple making as the supreme command by saying "go and make disciples of all nations". Through today's passage, may we learn firstly, what was the motive of Jesus' command to go and make disciples? (3:1-12), secondly, what sort of people did Jesus choose as his disciples? (ch1,2;3:16-19), thirdly, what was the goal of his disciple making ministry? (3:13-15) Through this message, may God help us to renew God's call as shepherds and missionaries so that we may grow into powerful disciple makers."

UBF leaders proudly claim that to make disciples has always been unique feature of its ministry. But this "make disciples" is at the center of the controvery surrounding UBF ministry. Making disciples in UBF is unbiblical. So I began to wonder why UBF leaders like particularly, or maybe obsessed with, the term "making" disciples.
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