human12 (human12) wrote in rsqubf,

UBF needs help

Through the debates on Dr. Armstrong's blog site, one thing seems to clearly stand out now: UBF needs help. I will quote the following from one of Dr. Armstrong's articles on UBF.

"I have not reproduced every single word of this brother’s letter in order to protect him from any unnecessary personal misunderstanding and to cut out a few extraneous comments that might hinder the reader from hearing his primary points of concern. I have no doubt that he is earnest and that he has some serious points to be made that should be made and appropriately heard. I also believe there is, in his appeal, a word that UBF leaders should listen to and seriously consider in the days ahead. If he is wrong then they can learn much from him anyway. If he is right, in the slightest sense, then they can improve and correct excessive practices by hearing him out."
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