ubfsurvivor (ubfsurvivor) wrote in rsqubf,

Grand opening of a new website

Greetings all! I am pleased to unveil to the general public a new website called UBF Survivor. On the site you will find:

  • A discussion of the phenomenon of UBFism as a pseudo-Christian totalist religion.
  • A personal testimony of spiritual and psychological abuse in UBF.
  • A compendium of resources for those who have left UBF or are considering departing from the group.
  • A glossary of UBF's unique jargon, which I call UBFspeak.
Extra features which I have recently added include an example UBF testimony, message, fellowship group report, and worship service order.

As a survivor of UBF, I hope that my site will be a useful resource for those in the ex-UBF community, potential UBF recruits, UBFers who are questioning the system, concerned family members, and those interested in the cult problem in general. If you have any suggestions on how my site may better achieve this goal, please let me know.

To one and all, then: http://www.ubfsurvivor.info.

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