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Historic German Student Conference

The follwing are excerpts from the German visit report by Dr. Paul Koh. One can clearly see the goal of UBF 2nd gen education. It is to make them inherit Dr. Samuel Lee's spiritual(?) legacies and to make them "absolutely" stick to Dr. Samuel Lee's beautiful(?) spiritual legacies.

"Shepherd Samuel H. Lee from Korea gave a lecture on the direction of future UBF, with a clear direction of campus disciple ministry and world mission through lay missionaries. One significant characteristic of the conference was that there were UBF history lectures. Thank God for helping Dr. Peter Chang to make such a decision to teach UBF history to second gens so they may have clear identities through having a sense of history. It is also important to inherit the spiritual legacies of Dr. Samuel Lee. May God bless the second gens to learn the faith of their parents and grow as excellent Bible teachers by inheriting Dr. Lee’s spiritual legacies, especially his deep love of God’s word. May God raise up 10,000 German Bible teachers and pioneer 360 German campuses and 49 European countries."

"Personally I thank God for using this unworthy sinner to give lectures on Dr. Samuel Lee’s spiritual legacies. I revised 14 times with the help of many servants of God. Just prior to my departure, I was suffering from acute bronchitis with a bad cough. But God blessed me to finish my lecture without any coughing during the conference. Dr. Samuel Lee’s spiritual legacies are so gigantic and great that this is only a beginning. Continually may we research and systematically organize his spiritual heritages, and pass them on to the next generation so that we may maintain God’s blessing for campus pioneering and world mission work to the end."
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