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Historic German Student Conference 
9th-Apr-2007 10:43 pm
The follwing are excerpts from the German visit report by Dr. Paul Koh. One can clearly see the goal of UBF 2nd gen education. It is to make them inherit Dr. Samuel Lee's spiritual(?) legacies and to make them "absolutely" stick to Dr. Samuel Lee's beautiful(?) spiritual legacies.

"Shepherd Samuel H. Lee from Korea gave a lecture on the direction of future UBF, with a clear direction of campus disciple ministry and world mission through lay missionaries. One significant characteristic of the conference was that there were UBF history lectures. Thank God for helping Dr. Peter Chang to make such a decision to teach UBF history to second gens so they may have clear identities through having a sense of history. It is also important to inherit the spiritual legacies of Dr. Samuel Lee. May God bless the second gens to learn the faith of their parents and grow as excellent Bible teachers by inheriting Dr. Lee’s spiritual legacies, especially his deep love of God’s word. May God raise up 10,000 German Bible teachers and pioneer 360 German campuses and 49 European countries."

"Personally I thank God for using this unworthy sinner to give lectures on Dr. Samuel Lee’s spiritual legacies. I revised 14 times with the help of many servants of God. Just prior to my departure, I was suffering from acute bronchitis with a bad cough. But God blessed me to finish my lecture without any coughing during the conference. Dr. Samuel Lee’s spiritual legacies are so gigantic and great that this is only a beginning. Continually may we research and systematically organize his spiritual heritages, and pass them on to the next generation so that we may maintain God’s blessing for campus pioneering and world mission work to the end."
10th-Apr-2007 04:12 am (UTC)
This kind of cultic dynamic in UBF is very similar to that of North Korea. The woship of Dr. Samuel Lee in UBF culture and the praise of Dr. Samuel Lee's spiritual legacies in all UBF teachings are very much politically motivated as one can also see in the worship of Kim Il Sung, the founder of North Korea, and the praise of him and his son, Kim Jung Il in North Korea. As North Korean youth are forced to adopt Kimilsungism through all kinds of indoctrination, the UBF 2nd gens are indoctrinated to praise Dr. Samuel Lee by Dr. Peter Chang, Dr. Paul Koh, Little Sarah Kim and even by their own parents. These UBF 2nd gens should be pitied as much as the North Korean kids who are being brainwashed through the North Korean political system just because they were born into the system. As the North Korean kids are sent to an indoctrination facility when they don't praise the founder of North Korea, UBF 2nd gens are sent to Seoul for indoctrination when they do not conform to UBF system.
10th-Apr-2007 04:58 am (UTC)
Dr. Paul Koh says that the highlight of the conference was Little Sarah’s lecture.

"The highlight of the conference was Little Sarah’s conversational lectures. She emphasized the importance of the role of parents, especially the role of a father for second gens’ education. I saw some parents’ shedding tears during her lecture. If I summarize her lectures, first, the best gift parents can give to their children is to show how the husband and wife love each other deeply; second, to a husband, his first sheep is his wife;"

As far as I know, Little Sarah knows very Little about parenting. She should not give any lectures on parenting. Instead she should be given lectures on parenting. What does she know about parenting? She might have read some books about parenting. But the reason she was given the priviledge--all UBFers are desperate to get priviledge because Dr. Samuel Lee misused priviledge to control his followers--to give such lecures on parenting might have been that she is a daughter of Dr. Sameul Lee.

According to Dr. Paul Koh, she said "to a husband, his first sheep is his wife". This is most ridiculous counseling on relationship! This theory on shepherd-sheep relationship of marriage is not something new. It was invented by Dr. Samuel Lee. I tried to apply this theory to my marriage when I was in UBF. But it never worked!! After so much failure due to false teaching by Dr. Samuel Lee, I finally learned that my wife doesn't want to be my first sheep. She wants to be just my wife not my sheep. She confessed to me that she has always wanted to be treated as a wife and never as my sheep. But she could not say this to me when we were in UBF because she feared that she might be condemned as a humanistic sinner entertaining her cursed woman's desire.

Dr. Samuel Lee invented a model for UBF marriage. This model for marriage is based on the business model for UBF ministry. Little Sarah's counseling is nothing but an extension of this business model to a marriage. Little Sarah doesn't seem to understand that a marriage is more than a business. A marriage is more intimate that just a business. But in UBF, everything is about business, especially UBF business. From parenting to marriage, everything is about this business. So even spritual counseling is about improving business.
10th-Apr-2007 05:24 am (UTC)
Little Sarah says, "fourth, children’s education is the father’s responsibility". Well, again Little Sarah got it all wrong. If the goal of children's education is to force them to inherit Dr. Samuel Lee's beautiful legacies and to make them "absolutely" committed UBF members who would never leave UBF, how could one can call that an "education"?

As one can clearly see in Dr. Koh's report, the ultimate goal of UBF Bible study, UBF messages, and UBF training is to research and systematically organize Dr. Samuel Lee's spiritual heritages and pass them on to the next generation. UBF Bible study and training have nothing to do with knowing the truth of God but to preserve Dr. Samuel Lee's legacy. Can UBF parents teach their children about the ugly side of Dr. Samuel Lee's legacy? Of course not. So then what kind of education a father is responsible for in UBF? A UBF father is responsible for educating his children to bldinly worship Dr. Samuel Lee and praise his beautiful spiritual legacy. A UBF father is responsible for teaching his children to fight against Satan who slander Dr. Samuel Lee. That is what Little Sarah is preaching to German UBFers. Would God be really pleased with such an education of children? I don't think so. The goal of a child's education should be toward God and never toward inheriting Dr. Samuel Lee's controversial legacies. A father should teach his children the truth of God even if he had to criticize Dr. Samuel Lee's legacy. Is this the goal of UBF education? No. The goal of UBF education is to inherit Dr. Samuel Lee's beautiful legacy which is to violate human rights to serve God "absolutely".
10th-Apr-2007 02:19 pm (UTC)
Koh is Samuel Lee's son-in-law. It's a shame (but not unexpected in a cult) to see Samuel Lee's family continuing to hold so much power in UBF and trying as hard as they can to distort the "legacy" of Samuel Lee to hold on their power.

His report also indicates that Little Sarah and the "exemplary" Bonn UBF (both praised to the heavens in this report) will have an increasing role in the education of ALL UBF "2ndgens" in the future. Once again, the cult of Peter Chang in Bonn is held up as exemplary in UBF. I hope that somehow this will be seen as an alarming development by UBF "2ndgens" in America and elsewhere.
10th-Apr-2007 07:44 pm (UTC) - ubfmarriage is unhealthy, abnormal
i just want to comment that this lame report may be the only time that ubf has even made comments on what a marriage is supposed to be. i don't remember them ever even saying what a marriage is! i could only find bits and pieces of unbiblical comments dispersed throughout various messages. i will never forget when ee chang woo said that a woman of God needs to be a mother to the husband, even changing her husband's diaper like an infant. what a psychotic idea from a psychotic narcissist!

the easiest way to expose ubf as a cult is through these types of examples. if we look at a normal church like willow creek, on their website, they have a very extensive ministry devoted only to marriage. take a look for yourself.


take a look at any healthy church's website, and you will find many positive and uplifting programs and teachings. look at the ubf and you will find negative, unhealthy, harmful, and psychotic activities and teachings. the ubf is a cult built around negative psychology, but everyone carries a bible anyway.
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