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VT massacre 
17th-Apr-2007 10:41 pm
It appears that Choi Seung-Hui, the gunman behind VT massacre, had some exposure to Christianity. An article on Comcast.news says, "Cho indicated in his letter that the end was near and that there was a deed to be done, the official said. He also expressed disappointment in his own religion, and made several references to Christianity, the official said."

This article on Korean webiste says that Cho's family lived in 2-bed room basement unit of a multi-unit complx. His father decided to move to America because it was very hard for him to make living in Korea at that time. The landlady of the complex says that Cho was a quiet boy and 8 years old when he left for America.

This article talks about the tremendous amount of stress that 1.5 generation Korean-American young people have to endure due to the high expection from their parents. It says that Korean parents have unusually high expectation for their children to succeed in education. Because of this kind of unusual zeal for success in education, the children of Korean origin suffer mentally and emotionally which could lead to a tragedy such as VT massacre.

Korean parents' high expection in children's education has been always problematic. Korean parents' extraordinary zeal for their children's education is a commendable quality. But their zeal for academic success is not without price. The kind of zeal that Korean parents have for their children is like the blind zeal that one can find in a member of a religious cult. Education is good and absolutely necessary. But I think the Korean parents' expection and zeal have the nature of religious cult which deforms not only the mind of the poor Korean children but also the true meaning of education itself. This kind of cultic deformation is also found in UBF teachings and practices. One good example can be found in Dr. Peter Chang of Bonn UBF. He seems to be quite determined to force the UBF 2nd gens to inherit Dr. Samuel Lee's spiritual legacy "absolutely" and "by any means". In doing so, Dr. Peter Chang and other UBF leaders are deforming the truth of God by making the UBF 2nd gens the blind defenders of Dr. Samuel Lee's false theology.
19th-Apr-2007 06:29 pm (UTC) - "Copycat: Killer Re-Enacted Violent [Korean] Film"
Cho reportedly re-enacted a violent Korean film. Of this film and other Korean films that he's watched, Roger Ebert writes:

I am not an expert on the Korean cinema, which is considered in critical circles as one of the most creative in the world ("Oldboy" won the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes 2004). I can say that of the Korean films I've seen, only one ("The YMCA Baseball Club") did not contain extraordinary sadomasochism. "Oldboy" contains a tooth-pulling scene that makes Laurence Olivier's Nazi dentist in "Marathon Man," look like a healer. And there is a scene during which an octopus is definitely harmed during the making of the movie.
20th-Apr-2007 01:59 am (UTC) - Re: "Copycat: Killer Re-Enacted Violent [Korean] Film"
"most creative in the world"

I don't think the notion of being "creative" can be applied to producing trash. My wife brought the video from one of her UBF friends some time ago and we watched together because she kept on telling me that everybody was saying it was such a good movie. It was so violent and disgusting that we stopped watching it in the middle. I took a class about aesthetics in Korea. We did reasearch on movie production and movie criticism for the class. So I enjoy watching good movies. This movie recommended by the UBFer was the sickest one I ever watched.

"Oldboy" contains a tooth-pulling scene that makes Laurence Olivier's Nazi dentist in "Marathon Man," look like a healer.

Roger put it in a most appropriate way. He is a great movie critic. He can see the things an amateur like me can never see. I watch any movie with his thumb up on it and I have not been disappointed so far.
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