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Relational Evangelism?

According to this Korean Staff conference report by John Jun, The Korean Staff shepherds are trying to develop a new strategy to recruit new sheep. They call it "relational evangelism". I found one Power Point presentation on internet. This report is interesting because not long ago in historic German student conference--by the way everything in UBF is advertised as "historic" event as they do in North Korea--Dr. Peter Chang, Dr. Paul Koh and Little Sarah Kim were saying that UBFers must preserve Dr. Samuel Lee's beautiful spiritual legacies. But the Korean UBF leaders seem to try something different. John Jun writes, "relational fishing is a much more effective and wise way than just randomly fishing on the campus. Others confirmed that relational fishing is more fruitful based on their personal experience." It is good to know there is some wise way other than Dr. Samuel Lee's beautiful spiritual legacies.
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