hdchris (hdchris) wrote in rsqubf,

Turkish martyrs

Last week, Islamic fundamentalists murdered three evangelical Christians, the two Turks Necati Aydin and Ugur Yüksel and the German Tilmann Geske, who were engaging in evangelization in Malatya, Turkey. These missionaries were solid Christians who did nothing wrong or extreme. Necati attended the same Bible seminary that some reform UBFers and I attended after leaving UBF.

Some details became known this week: It seems the murderers posed as people with interest in the Bible and even attended their Easter worship service and met with the Christians before to talk about religious questions. The murder was committed in a back-stabbing and extreme bestial way, resembling ritual murder. They first tied their victims up and and then stabbed them hundreds of times everywhere in their bodies, and cut up their fingers (Qur'an, chapter 8: "Then smite the necks and smite of them each finger.").

These Christians died for their faith. They knew what they did was dangerous. Necati and Ugur have emerged as the first Turkish Christian martyrs since 1923.

Currently, UBF has also a "missionary" in Turkey. It's typical for the UBF Koreans that they sent only one non-Korean couple, whereas the Koreans go to the USA or Germany in droves. I know these UBF people in Turkey. Unfortunately, that "Turkey director" is very ambitious, proud, indoctrinated and committed to the UBFish abusive and manipulative methods. We should pray for him that they will not experience something so horrible, and that if it will happen, then they will die for the sake of Christ, not for the sake of UBF. We should pray that they will not bring shame on Christianity in Turkey by following UBF methods and doctrines, but separate from the UBF cult so they can be a real light and salt for the Turkish people who live are living in such darkness.
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