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A message by Pastor Kevin Albright

Last week's Chicago message was delivered by Pastor Kevin Albright. When I was in UBF, I really didn't like his message. His message was so boring. But he always looked like he was very much impressed by his own amateur theological argument. He always seemed to take the attitude of a guy with superior intellectual quotient and high spirital quotient. He says in his message that fear of death is bad.

"The disciples were afraid of drowning. The Bible identifies two kinds of fear, a good kind and a bad kind. The bad kind is the fear of death. The fear of death includes other fears, like the fears of failure, defeat, pain, suffering, hardship and loss. These fears cause us to seek the least pain with the most gain. These fears make us captive to sin. One young Christian man was faithful to Bible study until he got a non-Christian girlfriend. He is fearful of saying “no” to this girl, thinking he will lose too much. Another young man knows that Bible study and prayer is good and has helped him to have peace and meaningful direction for his life. But he is fearful to make any commitment, even to regular Bible study or worship. The devil holds people in slavery to fear (Heb 2:15). We must overcome this kind of fear."

But the Bible says that fear of death is sometimes very good. Some people disobeyed God out of the fear of death. But there were some other people who obeyed God out of the fear of death like the people of Nineveh. Certainly the fear of committing to UBF is very good when the fear of Dr. Samuel Lee or Dr. Peter Chang is really bad.

I pray that Pastor Kevin Albright really repent his proud mind and study the Bible more deeply by memorizing Dr. Samuel Lee's manuscripts more dilligently night and day with his whole heart absolutely as a matter of life and death. May he revise his messge at least 7 times before delivery and revise it again at least 3 times after delivery. In that way may he inherit Dr. Samuel Lee's beautiful spiritual legacy absoltely. May Pastor Ron Ward give Pastor Kevin divine discipline to walk to Skokie police station on bare feet and to write 100 pages of life testimony.

One word: May we glorify Dr. Samuel Lee absolutely by memorizing his manuscripts!
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