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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
UBF Business Mission 
16th-Jun-2007 11:33 pm
This is a response to Chris' post. I watched the presentation about 'Business Mission'. After I watched it, I became really concerned about UBF's new direction and strategy. One fourth of the presentation is about 'world mission' and the rest of the presentation is just a showcase of a UBF company called 'Co-world'. It was founded about 4 years ago (the audio quality of the presentation was so bad that I could not understand what the presenter was talking about clearly.) This company makes some IT products based on NDAS and NDAS-NAS technology. The company had about 500,000 euros of sales in 2005. The goal for 2007 is 2.5 million euros.

Why did UBF start this company? First, to continue to serve 'world mission' via self-supporting missionary work. Second, sometimes it is difficult to get a job at a mission field. So UBF wants 'Co-world' to become a multi-national company so that UBF missionaries can get a job in any country. Third, (this is interesting) there are some cases where UBF missionaries compete against each other in the same workplace to keep their jobs.

But if you listen to the presenter, you cannot but wonder whether this business mission is for 'world mission' or is for 'job security'. If UBF missionaries compete against each other to keep their job in other companies, would they not also compete against each other to keep their job in 'Co-world'? Why was the presentation given in Korean? Is running a business only for Korean missionaries?

I wonder what has happened to the 'manger spirit'. Where is UBF going?
17th-Jun-2007 09:56 am (UTC)
Thanks for translating some details from the presentation. It was given about 2 years ago on the 25th anniversary of UBF Bonn. They had invited a lot of German guests, and of course their own "German shepherds" were present. All of the lectures and messages were in German, except those about "Business", "Internet" and "Frontgroup" mission. Obviously they do not want the non-Koreans to know too well about their future plans already. They need some time to shift the UBF paradigme from "manger spirit" to "business mission" and manipulate the Germans to believe this is the new will of God.

Some more details about "Co-World": Actually it is a multi-level marketing company, with Peter Chang as owner at the top, Peter Chang's 2nd man Stefanus Park as official director, European (particularly East Europe) leaders working as regional managers and resellers, using Bonn shepherds, missionaries and 2nd gens as cheap worker slaves for localizing the products, creating web sites etc. The product they sell is from a US/Korean company called Ximeta, where Peter Chang and some Chicago UBF members invested a lot of (offering) money. In return Peter Chang was allowed to sell their products in the European market under the name of his company.

I wonder what has happened to the 'manger spirit'. Where is UBF going?

They are developing from an amateur cult into a professional cult modeled on profitable cults like the Moonies.

I also see power and money more and more concentrated in the hands of Peter Chang. He seems like a "worthy" successor of Samuel Lee, with the same look, habitus, evil cleverness, in many regards even surpassing Lee.
17th-Jun-2007 06:09 pm (UTC)
They are developing from an amateur cult into a professional cult modeled on profitable cults like the Moonies.

Thanks Chris for posting more details about the UBF company, "Co-World". I think you are right. UBF is on the path to follow the lucrative business operation of the Unification Church. It is so disturbing to me that they are doing this in the name of serving Jesus' world mission command. But the business operation that Dr. Peter Chang is conducting is nothing but making profit out of the love of money. I think it is all about establishing future security. I was so shocked to find out that Dr. Peter Chang, the great servant of God, has been running a company with offering money.

I wonder what he prays for during 4:00AM prayer meeting everyday. Maybe he is praying to God earnestly to make 2.5 million euros this year. I think that Dr. Peter Chang should liquidate all his business operation immediately and return all the money to UBF members and live poor life like Jesus to set a good example before his sheep.
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