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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
Open Letter to Ron Ward 
17th-Jun-2007 01:49 pm
Mr. Ward:

I am the son of Joseph Chung that you refer to in your sermon this week (http://chicagoubf.org/messages/message/294):

Dr. Joseph Chung is known to be a saint among us. For the last six years, his son has been doing mischievous things and has damaged himself and others in many ways. At the time, Dr. Chung was president of UBF. It was shameful to acknowledge that his own son was acting like the greatest enemy of UBF. Yet Dr. Chung honestly brought this problem to God in prayer again and again in public and in private. He also pleaded with others to pray for his son Joe. Then a situation rose in Joe’s family that drove him to humble himself before God and before his parents. Now there are signs of reconciliation and healing with God and in the family as well.

I am glad that I have not been "driven to humble myself" to the point that reading such slurs does not make me a bit sad, angry and sick inside. I wonder how you think including such slurs helps the situation between me and my parents. I see that there is as yet no acknowledgment at all of the damage that UBF did to me "and others in many ways" (which you are well aware of). I hold out faint hope that my family's current situation does not fit neatly into the world view that you have absorbed over the years, since surely even you can acknowledge that it is not only the families of "UBF's worst enemies" that experience adverse "situations." I need you to know that God had begun healing me and helping me move on, years before this situation in my family arose. And my reconciliation with God was assured the moment I believed the gospel. The situation has indeed humbled me, and I am determined to be reconciled to my parents (your mention of me in your sermon not withstanding) because they are my parents, and I ought to love them, as other former UBF 2ndgens have admirably and successfully done with their parents. I have made my position on reconciliation with UBF clear elsewhere and won't dwell on that. As a further sign of the humbling and healing effect that God has effected through my current family situation, I forgive you and will continue to move on.

In Christ,
Joe Chung
17th-Jun-2007 09:02 pm (UTC)
I quote from the UBF guide to Bible study.

"* In studying the Bible, people have a tendency to jump into talking about its meaning and application before observing what it actually says. So try to spend the majority of your study time in observation."

Some immature Christians such as late Dr. Samuel Lee, Dr. Peter Chang, Dr. Joe Schafer and Pastor Ron Word, jump to a conclusion based on their own personal experiences and based on cheap theology. We must be very prayerful about interpreting any spiritual meaning of any unexpected event in anyone's life. The only thing we can know for sure about it is what Joseph said about his life:

"But Joseph said to them, "Don't be afraid. Am I in the place of God? You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives." (Gen 50:19-20)

Most of all, we should never try to take advantage of another brother's circumstances to advance our own church politics or to advance one's theological position, saying "See he is suffering so he must be wrong and I must be right!" The kind of theological argument by Pastor Ron Word is nothing more than a trick from Satan to make God's people stumble.

Joe, I admire your decision to honor your parents no matter what because you want to honor God's command to honor your parents. I believe God will honor your decision too. Don't let the UBF church politics trouble your soul. Please continue to pray to God and carefully follow God's leading in your life. I will remember you and your family in my prayer. May God give you strength and peace. May God give you the faith of Job. God bless you!
18th-Jun-2007 07:02 pm (UTC)
It looks like they withdrew that passage about me after I posted my response, so I'm going to take this thread private. It doesn't mean, however, that Ward didn't read the original version that Sunday.
19th-Jun-2007 05:29 am (UTC)
Hi, Joe!

I am waiting for last week audio-video messages. May be they are editing them also.

Did you get any response from Ward except removed passage?
19th-Jun-2007 02:44 pm (UTC)
Hi, A. No, I didn't get any direct response from Ward.
27th-Jun-2007 04:40 pm (UTC) - Ron Ward's immaturity and interference
Dear Joe,

I think your response to Ron Ward shows your maturity level as opposed to Ron Ward. Though Ron Ward has attended Wheaton College and associates with Dr. John Armstrong, he still resorts to these kinds of cheapshots and immaturity. It shows that he believes being part of the UBF body is more important than being part of the body of Christ. Others in UBF like Ban Toh are very much the same with this lowbrow view of non-UBF Christians. Like Amy Young, I have asked him for an apology for all the damage he has done to my family but he continues to deny or acknowledge any bad interference he has done. It really shows how seared their consciences have become in UBF. May God have mercy on them to realize their sins before the Almighty!
18th-Apr-2008 01:47 pm (UTC)
I'm making this post public again after Ron Ward used his Chicago "bully pulpit" again recently to issue a slur of another former member and a friend of mine. In spite of the convincing Christianese that Mr. Ward may have learned to speak in the company of Christians outside of UBF, he apparently still has a lot to unlearn from his days of being trained by Samuel Lee.
22nd-Sep-2008 02:05 am (UTC) - "...after her husband left her"
This was what the reprehensible Ron Ward wrote earlier this year in http://chicagoubf.org/messages/message/338 :

II. Jesus recognized a widow's pure worship (41-44).


One godly American woman faced a difficult financial challenge after
her husband left her. She had to get a job and support her five boys
without receiving regular child support payments. In that difficult
situation, she offered a tithe to God no matter what. And God opened
his storehouse of blessing. She prospered in her job and found God's
provision in various ways. She was able to buy a van, and even a house
and provide for her sons, who are growing in the knowledge of God. As
we hear these stories, they sound like love stories between godly
women and their generous God.

"...after her husband left her?" Ward fails to mention that the "one godly 'American' woman" was the one who filed for divorce from her husband and that the motivation for her UBF-leader-encouraged filing was his opposition to UBF. He also tries to make the man sound like a deadbeat dad who took off and was never heard from again other than sending sporadic child support. What utter rubbish and so revealing, but not unexpected from THE Samuel Lee protege. This is yet another illustration of how toxic and destructive UBF marriages can become.

Ward, as expected, is also a complete butcher when it comes to correct biblical interpretation. Among other hermeneutic atrocities, he tries to tie the story of the poor widow's offering to that UBF staple teaching, the basis of their offering by compulsion program, the "offering begets heavenly blessing" fallacy (See also http://www.livejournal.com/users/rsqubf/61454.html and http://community.livejournal.com/rsqubf/133676.html).
29th-Oct-2011 10:40 am (UTC) - Spiritual abuse in Hong Kong
Hi Joe,

We are a group of former Hong Kong UBF Shepherds. We experienced the same things in Hong Kong. Missionary Wu Jin Kim and Shep David Kim (Yonhee) like to condemn shepherds in the Sunday message too. That's really awful and disgusting! We set up a blog here in HK with some cult experts to tell our stories and educating the university students about the cult-like practise of ubf. We quote your example in our blog to explain how UBF leaders abuse their members.

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