Joe Chung (chungjoe) wrote in rsqubf,
Joe Chung

Open Letter to Ron Ward

Mr. Ward:

I am the son of Joseph Chung that you refer to in your sermon this week (

Dr. Joseph Chung is known to be a saint among us. For the last six years, his son has been doing mischievous things and has damaged himself and others in many ways. At the time, Dr. Chung was president of UBF. It was shameful to acknowledge that his own son was acting like the greatest enemy of UBF. Yet Dr. Chung honestly brought this problem to God in prayer again and again in public and in private. He also pleaded with others to pray for his son Joe. Then a situation rose in Joe’s family that drove him to humble himself before God and before his parents. Now there are signs of reconciliation and healing with God and in the family as well.

I am glad that I have not been "driven to humble myself" to the point that reading such slurs does not make me a bit sad, angry and sick inside. I wonder how you think including such slurs helps the situation between me and my parents. I see that there is as yet no acknowledgment at all of the damage that UBF did to me "and others in many ways" (which you are well aware of). I hold out faint hope that my family's current situation does not fit neatly into the world view that you have absorbed over the years, since surely even you can acknowledge that it is not only the families of "UBF's worst enemies" that experience adverse "situations." I need you to know that God had begun healing me and helping me move on, years before this situation in my family arose. And my reconciliation with God was assured the moment I believed the gospel. The situation has indeed humbled me, and I am determined to be reconciled to my parents (your mention of me in your sermon not withstanding) because they are my parents, and I ought to love them, as other former UBF 2ndgens have admirably and successfully done with their parents. I have made my position on reconciliation with UBF clear elsewhere and won't dwell on that. As a further sign of the humbling and healing effect that God has effected through my current family situation, I forgive you and will continue to move on.

In Christ,
Joe Chung
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