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Further comments

It appears that whenever a person(s) tries to take the place of God or 'usurp' the role of God in a person's life the outcome is ultimately hurt. We see this time and time again in a variety of ministries where this practice has been employed. We must come to understand that the role of moulding and shaping a person lies solely with the Holy Spirit. Only he is wise enough to handle the job. Yes, he will use people and circumstances to get the job done but ultimately it is (he and not a person) who will fulfil the work in you. Being the person he is, he never forces, co-erces or pushes a person into doing anything. Rather being the gentleman he is, he is always patient, kind and caring  and gives people the opportunity to make choices for themselves. He is the great counselor whom Jesus promised before his ascension and he is alive and at work just as powerfully today as in the days of the Apostles. I myself wouldnt trust anybody else with the job!

God is wanting a full restoration of the church (as it  was in the book of Acts). And he wants no-one to miss out. He wants spirit-filled believers who are ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit so as to bring true impact to our families and communities. I pray that you would all find yourself a good spirit filled church where Jesus is preached and where the Spirit is manifested. You are all a powerful weapons of God whom the Lord is wanting to unleash on a community and world desperately in-need of his love. Your knowledge and reverence for the word is admirable but you need the spirit to make it come alive!  Find yourselves a good spirit-filled church and let God unleash you into all that he has in store for you. The best days are ahead!
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