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Spiritual blindness 
20th-Jun-2007 10:50 pm
Thanks Amy for posting the email correspondence between you and Dr. Toh. I learned so many things that I never knew even though I was in UBF many years. Now I really regret that I supported UBF blindly. I thought I was serving God absolutely with no compromise and with no human thinking.

Dr. Ben Toh’s response clearly reveals the dangerous mindset that can really hurt innocent campus students using spiritual authority in the name of serving God. I would like to highlight a few points about the UBF mindset revealed in Dr. Ben Toh’ email.
21st-Jun-2007 04:03 am (UTC)
1. personal vs. organizational

It seems that Dr. Ben Toh does not clearly distinguish the difference between personal problems (sins) and organizational problems (sins). When we read the Bible very carefully, we discover that God deals with a sin in the following way:

a)He deals with a personal sin only on personal level.
b)He deals with a personal sin on a national level.
c)He deals with a national sin on a personal level.
d)He deals with a national sin on a national level.

Since all the readers of this forum are very well familiar with the Bible passages, I don’t think I need to show examples for each case above. I used the word ‘national’ but it can be applied to an organizational level too. When one reads Dr. Ben Toh’s email, he can easily spot that Dr. Ben Toh is trying to reduce any sin problem to a personal level claiming that everyone is accountable only to God.

Dr. Ben Toh claims the following:

“My account to you is the exact expression of my intent when I spoke to Jamie. Was it manipulative? Yes. Would I do it again? Very likely No. But I would say that I did so independently and I was not thinking of all the other events that you brought up, such as Yvette Shin, which I knew about, and definitely not the event in Korea in 1976, which I did not know about. I did so independently and on my own accord.

He says that he did what he did "independently and on my own accord.” Even a first grader in CBF would right away figure out that Dr. Ben Toh is lying. In UBF, your shepherd decides whom you should marry; you need to consult your shepherd about where to live and when to move; your chapter director will dictate what you should study and what kind of hair style you should have and whether or not you should get eyelid surgery. A fellowship leader--Dr. Ben Toh used to be the most powerful spiritual giant fellowship leader among all UBF fellowships--maintains very close relationship with a chapter leader. So anyone can easily see that the order of the divorce must have come directly from Dr. Samuel Lee who taught his supporters it was ok to violate human rights to help sheep. During Dr. Samuel Lee’s reign, no one could do anything on his own accord in UBF. So it is clear that Dr. Ben Toh is LYING.

Now Dr. Ben Toh is a revered elder in Chicago UBF. When he sins, he could be sinning on a personal level but at the same time he could be sinning on an organizational level because the position he holds in UBF. Let’s consider his sin of telling Jamie to divorce his wife. When he told Jamie to divorce his wife, was he doing this on purely personal level like a person-to-person affair? Or was he doing this as a UBF shepherd or a UBF fellowship leader?

What we former UBF members are concerned about what Dr. Ben Toh (and other UBF leaders) did/does is not what he did on personal level. We are concerned about what Dr. Ben Toh did as a UBF shepherd and as a UBF fellowship leader. Why? Because there are systematic and theological issues in UBF organization that encourage UBF shepherds and leaders do such things as Dr. Ben Toh now claims to regret.

Dr. Ben Toh might be a good person and a good Christian and a spiritual giant. But this fact(?) has nothing to do with the issue of his telling Jamie to divorce Amy. What we are concerned here is: what drove Dr. Ben Toh to tell Jamie to divorce Amy? In fact if UBF is a Christian organization with sound theological foundation, the current UBF leadership would take a very careful look at this event to get to the bottom of this problem. They must take this problem very seriously. But regretfully, the action that Dr. Ben Toh took regarding Jamie and
Amy is considered the most “exemplary” act of “faith” by all
UBF leaders. This clearly is a spiritual blindness. A blind guide like Dr. Ben Toh can lead sheep only through blind obedience to a crazy system. How could a spiritual leader like Dr. Ben Toh tell his sheep to divorce his wife? It is possible only when he is blinded by a system. This spiritual blindness in UBF system is the problem that the former UBF members are concerned about.

The Truth or the System? That is the qustion the UBFers should ponder upon.
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