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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
Spiritual blindness 
20th-Jun-2007 10:50 pm
Thanks Amy for posting the email correspondence between you and Dr. Toh. I learned so many things that I never knew even though I was in UBF many years. Now I really regret that I supported UBF blindly. I thought I was serving God absolutely with no compromise and with no human thinking.

Dr. Ben Toh’s response clearly reveals the dangerous mindset that can really hurt innocent campus students using spiritual authority in the name of serving God. I would like to highlight a few points about the UBF mindset revealed in Dr. Ben Toh’ email.
22nd-Jun-2007 02:42 am (UTC) - Re: Toh as a patholigical liar
Dr. Ben Toh says:

"My account to you is the exact expression of my intent when I spoke to Jamie. Was it manipulative? Yes. Would I do it again? Very likely No. But I would say that I did so independently and I was not thinking of all the other events that you brought up, such as Yvette Shin, which I knew about, and definitely not the event in Korea in 1976, which I did not know about. I did so independently and on my own accord. Was I trying to keep you in UBF? Yes. Should I have done so? No. Would I try something like this again? Very likely not."

Dr. Ben Toh asks himself "Would I do it again?" Then answers "Very likely not". He asks himself again "Would I try something like this agains?" His answer is "Very likely not." Here I see a bad influence of Bill Clinton on him. Maybe Dr. Ben Toh is using the English phrase "Very likely not" without understanding its meaning.

Dr. Ben Toh uses the phrase "defintely not" regarding his knowing of the events happened in UBF in 1976. It is very interesting to see how Dr. Ben Toh uses two completely different phrses to talk about two different situations.

In regard to anything bad about UBF, Dr. Ben Toh uses the phrase "defintely not" saying that he "defintely" does not know about it. But when he comes to something like telling his sheep to divorce his wife to keep him in UBF, he uses the phrase "very likely not" saying that it is not very likely that he would do it again.

I want to say that Dr. Ben Toh has "Definitely not" attitude toward UBF organization but he has "Very likely not" attitude toward the truth of God. From such a spiritual giant as Dr. Ben Toh, I would expect that he would say that he would "defintely" not do again such a thing as he did to Jamie and Amy and say that it is "very likely not" that he would have known the events in UBF in 1976.

"Definitely not" attitude has to do with absolute attitude. But "Very likely not" attitude is nothing but a form of moral relativism. So in conclusion, Dr. Ben Toh like all UBF leaders has absolute attitude toward UBF organization but has very relativistic attitude toward absolute morality found in the Bible. Dr. Ben Toh is not far away from turning his back on Jesus on account of UBF or maybe he already has.
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