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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
Spiritual blindness 
20th-Jun-2007 10:50 pm
Thanks Amy for posting the email correspondence between you and Dr. Toh. I learned so many things that I never knew even though I was in UBF many years. Now I really regret that I supported UBF blindly. I thought I was serving God absolutely with no compromise and with no human thinking.

Dr. Ben Toh’s response clearly reveals the dangerous mindset that can really hurt innocent campus students using spiritual authority in the name of serving God. I would like to highlight a few points about the UBF mindset revealed in Dr. Ben Toh’ email.
23rd-Jun-2007 10:23 pm (UTC) - so many things to consider about Toh, ubf
I have been thinking about the Toh apologies, his specific style, his pivoting between public and personal considerations, his dodging of responsibility, his over-explaining himself to appear a better man, etc.

I don't know where to begin, so I just want to list a bunch of thoughts that fill my head about this.

That ubf and Toh practiced coercion to the point they destroyed one family (Hazel's) and attempted to destroy Amy's family. These are not accidents, these are not one or two bad choices. These are a pattern of coercion and harm that goes back 40 years. At ubf, divorce is the ultimate weapon of coercion. It has been used many times before, it will be used many times again.

I don't even see that Toh has any basic concept of whether he set out to do something right or something wrong. He pretends he was in such a confused state that he just blurted out the word divorce by accident. An idiot could say that it is not right to coerce a man to divorce his wife because she quit a group. But Toh didn't think like that for one minute, he already had his goal in mind, to destroy the family as his ultimate act of revenge. (If he was less cowardly, he may try to attack or kill them. Who knows?)

As I said before, Toh shows no remorse for the vast harm he caused. He caused so much harm to so many people, but has never made an attempt before this to repent or apologize. He shows only regret for a certain aspect of his choices and behaviors. I think if a normal Christian man sinned so greatly as Toh has and harmed others so much as Toh has, the normal Christian man would express deep remorse and guilt, a natural outcome of sin. Remorse is a moral anguish, guilt carries a personal sense of responsibility and culpability. But with Toh there is no remorse, no guilt! Only a degree of regret, which is a non-moral sense of loss. Toh has some regret but he directs that toward himself! This small regret he turns into a chance to indulge himself and seek sympathy from the very people he meant to harm to the utmost.

Toh realizes he is taking a risk by writing an apology of sorts. He thinks that this will go away and not haunt his ubf life anymore. So to limit his risk, he limited his apology to 'I go on the record as saying that I said one wrong word, but I never said I was perfect.' He needs to say, "I was so wrong, it was all my fault, please forgive me." And that is just the start. He needs to make up for the harm he caused, he needs to be removed from any position of authority in any ministry, and he needs serious help to become a normal person and maybe a genuine Christian someday. He does not want this, so he will never give the genuine apology. He is denying in order to avoid the consequences that could actually make him a decent man.

I have many thoughts like this. There is almost no end to the deception of this man's actions and the deficiencies of his 'apology'.

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