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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
Fellowship or Foe? 
28th-Jun-2007 10:05 pm
An article on UBF appeared today in the Diamondback, the student newspaper of the University of Maryland College Park. From the comments posted about the article, we can see that damage control has already begun. One UBF Korean posted, "Yes I learned to obey spiritual leaders. Aren't we supposed to obey our parents, teachers and professors?" If the article itself doesn't warn people away from UBF, words like those will. It puts a chill up my spine to hear such language promoting blind and absolute obedience to religious charlatans. What aggrieves me even more is the thought that I was once part of this group....
30th-Jun-2007 03:16 pm (UTC)
I loved this response by a Korean to Jacob Lee's (Washington UBF chief abuser) typical use of the "cultural differences" excuse, so I'm reposting it here:

posted 6/28/07 @ 10:31 PM EST
In response to Jacob Lee

STOP mentioning Korean culture!

This is clearly NOT about Korean culture, but rather there are serious problems in your "organization." People have legitimate grievances against your cult/organization.

You try to garner sympathy to yourselves by trying to make this into an issue about "misunderstandings" or "discrimination" between different cultures, whick it clearly is NOT.

People have problems with UBF not because they are "Koreans" but because they have problems with the way you operate and try to control the lives UMCP students and how you treat them and recruit them.


It is UBF, not Koreans or Christians that are under scrutiny in this case.

You also say that "mistakes" have been made in the past, and clearly they are still being made. Then why not at least do everything in your power to fix your present "mistakes" if you really are "Christians" that you claim to be!!! Fix your present mistakes!!!!!

I also find your tone regarding Diamondback to be most amusing. I believe that the publication of this story was most appropriate. But you saying that you "welecome" this article and that Diamondback has "served its purpose well" is a complete BULL. You are clearly employing a transparent charm offensive, knowing that there are people who went to this school paper to expose your organization.

I would also like to hear your explanation for how and why a "university ministry" or "university organization" or whatever you want to call it serves children and teens who are not college students.

God "bless" you.
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