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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
Fellowship or Foe? 
28th-Jun-2007 10:05 pm
An article on UBF appeared today in the Diamondback, the student newspaper of the University of Maryland College Park. From the comments posted about the article, we can see that damage control has already begun. One UBF Korean posted, "Yes I learned to obey spiritual leaders. Aren't we supposed to obey our parents, teachers and professors?" If the article itself doesn't warn people away from UBF, words like those will. It puts a chill up my spine to hear such language promoting blind and absolute obedience to religious charlatans. What aggrieves me even more is the thought that I was once part of this group....
10th-Jul-2007 02:20 pm (UTC) - Response by another Korean who had a run-in with Jacob Lee and group
Daniel Choi

I am a rising senior at the University of Maryland, majoring in Government & Politics.

One day, someone backed up into my car, causing considerable amount of damage. My car was parked, so it was stationary, and the guy hit it when he was backing out. I found out that the person responsible was a high ranking "shepherd" of this Washington UBF organization.

I confronted him, but he denied hitting my car. So I went down to the UBF center and met with the head pastor, Jacob Lee. Yes, the same person who left the comment above.

Initially, I thought that this was a local church. So I thought that it would behave like a church.

I called for a meeting between me, the head pastor Jacob Lee, and the "shepherd" who hit my car. At the meeting, the person confessed to hitting my car.

Then I called my insurance company, thinking that this matter was finally resolved since I got a witness. I miscalculated in that I thought that Jacob Lee would behave like a pastor of a church and speak the truth. Speak the truth and say, yes I was there at this meeting and yes I heard him confess to hitting this young man's car.

When the insurance company called the "shepherd," he lied through his teeth, as I knew he would. So I provided the number of Jacob Lee which I got off of the directory inside their center.

This is the sad part, the head pastor also LIED to my insurance company. He was defending his "shepherd" and even LYING for him! I could not believe it.

Afterwards, he called his son Abraham Lee, yes, the one mentioned in the Diamondback story. Abe Lee came to yell and scream at me after I left Jacob's office. He tried to intimidate me in the most pathetic way. While I was arguing with Abe Lee, I felt more pity for him than anger.

From my experience, this is what I have learned: the words that come from the mouths of these three individuals are LIES.


I was so fascinated with how they were able to lie so fluently and with such ease. They were also very skilled at fabricating stories.


From speaking with other members of this organization, I have discovered that the members of this organization have fierce loyalty to the leadership, and they too are willing to lie and defend them.

I have also discovered that this Washington UBF chapter and other UBF chapters operate houses for students that are illegal. The Washington UBF operates two houses, and it is illegal because UBF is a non-profit organization and they charge rent. A non-profit organization is not allowed to charge rent. So the people who live in the houses pay their monthly dues as "offerings." So it's paying it under the table.


This means that the authorities can shut down these houses anytime. This may also be enough to shut down this local Washington UBF and other UBF chapters that are operating houses illegally.

So far Jacob Lee's response to the actions of his Shepherd was, we don't have time to deal with these issues, we are in the business of saving souls. I didn't know whether to laugh or feel sorry for them.


I challenge Jacob Lee, Abraham Lee, and David Park (the Shepherd) to salvage what little is left of the reputation of your organization by coming clean. Do what is right and speak the truth. I ask you to take responsibility for your actions.

Ps. For people who argue that this local UBF organization is the way it is due to Korean/Confucian influence is mistaken. There are plenty of Korean churches out there that DO NOT have the characteristics of the UBF and there are many non-Korean churches in America that are known for widespread abuse and scandals that DO NOT have any Korean/Confucian influence or are dominated by Korean leadership. ...

I have discovered that this UBF organization is very unique in all its corruption and abuse that are specific to it.

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