ubfsurvivor (ubfsurvivor) wrote in rsqubf,

Sounds like UBF

I just finished reading a book called I Sold My Soul on eBay. The author Mehta is a Jain-turned-atheist who was paid to visit Christian churches and comment on how they appeal (or not) to nonreligious people. Mehta includes some biographical information before mentioning his experiences at different churches, and he explains that he studied at UIC (a campus UBF is known for targeting). Following is a quote from page 44 (emphasis mine):

It seemed that most religious organizations on campus were out to convert me by coercion. ... Several times on my state university campus I would pass a table where students would ask if I knew where I was going when I died. My response of "nowhere" never went over well. And since I wanted to be polite, I'd stay and listen to a lecture explaining how I was doomed unless I came to their Bible study.
It certainly sounds that this "friendly atheist" wandered across the path of the UBF. This just serves to highlight what a disgrace UBF is to Christianity and to religion in general.

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