hdchris (hdchris) wrote in rsqubf,

Business Mission

UBF (more and more under the influence of Peter Chang) is currently making the shift from "manger ministry" to "business mission." There is a revealing testimony of John Park jr. on the UBF website. John is the son of the New Jersey leader, who together with the Bonn UBF leader Peter Chang, is trying to make UBF more like the Moonies by engaging in various businesses and companies, e.g. investing in and reselling Ximeta products. John Park sr. sent his son to Peter Chang in order to teach him obedience and "business mission" vision. Peter Chang's own son, Petrus Chang, is already in that business. Quote: "Dr. Peter who loves me like his own son and has filled me with great visions to be a shepherd for NYU students and even a CEO for business mission, ..."

This whole business mission thing seems to be a trend. The "Jesus People Ministry", another problematic group that once defended UBF in their magazine, now also started to teach that "It's not a sin to make a buck" (quoting from here).
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