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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
Re-enactment is how UBF works 
12th-Nov-2007 07:04 pm
This video shows in a nutshell how cults operate: By using a bad psychological weakness of people. The sogam sharing sessions and all the meetings in UBF create the mindset and environment that people try to fit in. We all tend to imitate what the others do. If the others in the group are not worried or upset about abuse, we think we don't need to be worried either. If nobody speaks up, we think we can be silent, too. And because everybody is thinking like that, nobody protests. This in turn is interpreted as an affirmation that everything is ok. (Kaleb Hong once showed me the list of Chicago members in the UBF daily bread booklet and asked me "If there was a real problem with Samuel Lee, wouldn't any of these people notice it?".) Re-enactment is really how UBF works. That's also why the UBF leaders incessantly rant about the "evil, godless individualism". They don't want you to think for yourself and build your own opinion, they want you to just "trust the leaders" and imitate what the others do. This is how cults and dictatorships operate.
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