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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
Testimony from Kiev UBF ex member 
10th-Jan-2008 05:27 pm
Today the CIS UBF Directors conference begins in Kiev, Ukraine. They held it in Kiev this year since Kiev UBF just finished construction of their new “Bible house”. Peter Kim, the director of Kiev UBF for years, is considered an exemplary missionary in UBF: he was invited to the US to deliver special reports on “rising disciples”, he was one of the main speakers at the last world mission report, he was praised in all UBF publications and so on.

Here is the translation of the testimony of Andrey S., former member of Kiev UBF, who wrote it on a Russian Christian Internet forum on November 24, 2007 (here). Andrey was one of the key members of Kiev UBF. Exactly one year ago, Andrey had been praised by Peter Kim in his mission report at the 2007 CIS UBF directors conference as the most successful group leader. But several weeks ago he was expelled from Kiev UBF by Peter Kim. What was the reason for that? Did Andrey commit any sin? No. He just told Peter Kim that UBF “had to go through repentance for its detestable acts in the past”.

The brother responsible for the construction of the building was also dismissed from his position as soon as he publicly opposed Peter Kim. He was dismissed when the building was almost finished. Buildings were always more important for UBF than the truth and holiness.

Andrei P. (Ex Moscow UBF)
10th-Jan-2008 04:15 pm (UTC)
Last year, a lot of things happened in the UBF chapters in the CIS and Mongolia. Many UBF shepherds started to ask questions about the ungodly practices they experienced in their own UBF chapters and about the issues that had been raised in the 3 reform movements before, but were never answered or addressed by the UBF leaders until today. When they heard disturbing reports about Peter Chang in Bonn, they had been silenced with phrases like “Bonn is far away.” Now, Peter Chang has become the UBF director of these countries and spreading his “business mission” there.

Through the Internet, people are better informed; and Internet discussions like in the RSQUBF forum started in Russian language, too. Because, as we know, UBF leaders are completely unwilling to even discuss reform issues, most of these people were forced to leave UBF. After Belarus (Minsk) and Russia (Moscow), now the members in the Ukraine (Kiev) are starting to wake up, too. I am glad to see that among those who left or consider leaving are particularly those members who I considered the nicest ones. I knew they had a conscience and always hoped that this will happen one day and that they would not be abused and exploited forever by UBF or become just as corrupt as their leaders.

Some of them didn’t just silently leave, but are trying to educate others about their reasons, help them to see the problem, and find ways of living a really meaningful and healthy life before God. All have their stories to tell. This latest story here is only one of many of these stories. I hope that you are encouraged by it.

Chris (Ex Heidelberg UBF)
10th-Jan-2008 05:06 pm (UTC)
I think many things have changed not only in CIS and Mongolia. As far as I know, mostly all followers in Sofia (Bulgaria) also left UBF. We can read about this, for example, in this conference report by Peter Chang. Some expressions from it:
"Even though we experienced pain before the conference when several shepherds left because of Satan’s work...."
"In spite of Satan’s attack on Bulgaria students through an anti-UBF internet site we thank God for Geogi and Maria who stood firm and became the Abraham and Maria of faith for Bulgaria."

Nikolay (Ex Minsk UBF)
10th-Jan-2008 06:24 pm (UTC)
That's good to hear. Yes, there is probably a lot more going on. I have also heard about long-time members leaving in the Spanish speaking countries. (By the way, we should not call these things "changes". UBF itself never really changed. Only people leave with disillusionment, after years of abuse. But that's not something new.)
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