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Testimony from Kiev UBF ex member 
10th-Jan-2008 05:27 pm
Today the CIS UBF Directors conference begins in Kiev, Ukraine. They held it in Kiev this year since Kiev UBF just finished construction of their new “Bible house”. Peter Kim, the director of Kiev UBF for years, is considered an exemplary missionary in UBF: he was invited to the US to deliver special reports on “rising disciples”, he was one of the main speakers at the last world mission report, he was praised in all UBF publications and so on.

Here is the translation of the testimony of Andrey S., former member of Kiev UBF, who wrote it on a Russian Christian Internet forum on November 24, 2007 (here). Andrey was one of the key members of Kiev UBF. Exactly one year ago, Andrey had been praised by Peter Kim in his mission report at the 2007 CIS UBF directors conference as the most successful group leader. But several weeks ago he was expelled from Kiev UBF by Peter Kim. What was the reason for that? Did Andrey commit any sin? No. He just told Peter Kim that UBF “had to go through repentance for its detestable acts in the past”.

The brother responsible for the construction of the building was also dismissed from his position as soon as he publicly opposed Peter Kim. He was dismissed when the building was almost finished. Buildings were always more important for UBF than the truth and holiness.

Andrei P. (Ex Moscow UBF)
10th-Jan-2008 06:38 pm (UTC) - Hi to Russian brothers
I'd just like to say Hi to Russian brothers. I wish each of you a very happy and blessed life after getting out of the ubf. Surely the Lord is pleased by your honesty and decency before Him. You have done yourselves the best favor you can by leaving the ubf. I encourage you to eliminate from your mind everything you were taught at the ubf. Instead, seek out healthy Christian teachings and fill your life with these. Jesus Christ died one time a long time ago for all our sins. Simply accept his genuine grace one time and you have assurance of eternal salvation. When you accept it is really yours. He will not take it back, no man can take it back. God bless each of you. Nick in Chicago USA
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