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Found an old UBF page with a testimony of Walter N. showing so… 
18th-Jan-2008 11:01 am
Found an old UBF page with a testimony of Walter N. showing so clearly how UBF abuses Bible verses and equate their top leaders with God and Jesus, and also how UBF directors use this to legitimate their leadership. When Walter became Cologne director, he claimed that he did not want this office, but "Jesus chose him". If you read on, then he based his opinion that Jesus chose him as director on the confirmation of Sarah Barry and Mark Yoon (the one who drove a woman to an abortion clinic by order of Samuel Lee). So now the reader learns two facts: 1) Walter's leadership is the will of God, 2) Sarah Barry and Mark Yoon represent Jesus.

It is also funny to read how Walter praises himself for his fruits of "repentance and obedience". What obedience is that? Obedience towards the top UBF leaders, not towards God. Of course in his world view, both are the same. During the reform movement, Walter deliberately chose to part with the 3 hardcore UBF leaders - Kaleb Hong, Abraham Lee and Peter Chang, not with the side of the reformers. I have never heard him questioning anything that happened in UBF including the forced abortions. So much about repentance. Walter, we are still waiting for your real repentance.
18th-Jan-2008 11:06 am (UTC)
Chris, it's pretty obvious you're talking about Walter Net (Nett?)
Ever since I've been a UBF member in Moscow I heard his name being mentioned in various prayer topics. Well, that's his choice who to be allies with, but the thing is, I don't want MY CHILDREN to be part of UBF any time in the future. For that cause alone I would do just about anything do outlaw UBF from every country they're in.
Also this stupid passage about the Russian Orthodox Church is beyond any criticism--just how much more aggressive would those people become if they had REAL power? It wouldn't be about prayer topics--it would be about banning, prisons and possibly death sentence.
18th-Jan-2008 01:00 pm (UTC)
Just so that others understand, you're probably referring to the latest UBF CIS leader conference report (here) which states that UBF wants to evangelize the Muslims, the Russian Orthodox Church and North Korea and (yes, they put these in the same list in this order).

When I talked with my wife about Walter's claim "at least I have the fruit of ... obedience", she commented: "There will be probably a special section in heaven for all those who showed the fruit of obedience, and he will be lucky to meet there with the people who where convicted in the Nuremberg trials."

There is another interesting sentence in the testimony: "It also hurt that some who had made obvious mistakes didn’t admit to their mistakes." In a typical UBF fashion he makes a very vague statement without disclosing any names. And a few sentences later he already continues praising Samuel Lee. In these passages he goes back and forth about the issue that repentance is good for a church, but then says that he should better focus on himself. So is it good or is it not good? Has UBF repented or not? Walter is one of those who has mastered the UBF art of diplomatic language and beating about the bush when it comes to the sins of the top leaders and the UBF system in general, without ever making a clear statement.
22nd-Jan-2008 01:54 am (UTC) - Typical UBF response
Those who remain in UBF boast about how obedient they are. That is all they have! Remaining obedient to UBF brings two benefits: superiority over those who left and that there time in UBF has not been wasted.

Further, Walter misuses the 'do not judge' scripture regarding Samuel Lee. The 'do not judge' conclusions by UBF members is thought stopping. They do not want to deal with the sins of UBF, so they find a verse that they can quote to justify in their minds that it is acceptable to ignore UBF sins and go to the campus and fish students.

Isn't that what Kaleb's wife wanted you to do, Chris? Forget about UBF sins and go to the campus.
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