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Steered into a UBF marriage

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Some emails came across my inbox recently showing how a UBF recruit eventually comes to be steered into a UBF marriage "by faith". The steering being shown here is being done by Chicago UBF leader Joseph Ahn with approval from higher-ups in UBF. This is from late 2006, and the prospective couple are a Chicago UBF member and a Venezuelan UBF member. I've emphasized the things below that stood out for me.

> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: Jose Ahn <>
> Date: Aug 19, 2006 10:53 AM
> Subject: Re: praying for you
> To: Sarah Barry <>
> Dear Mother Barry,
> [trimmed]
> S. Darren and Helen did very good coworking to deliver opening
> message last night. By the help of the holy spirit through prayer
> with M. Juan and Ana we arranged them to be in the same group
> Bible study. S. Darren may write his testimony in English. S.
> Helen who is a G study leader may help him to translate in
> Spanish. He may read his testimony this afternoon. Tomorrow they
> may to the same way. I talked to Darren very clearly why we
> came. [One wonders when Darren found out the true purpose of
> being asked to go to this foreign conference.]
What we should
> observe, the God's guiding hands. And decide by Sunday night
> with facts, yes or no. [Pushing a quick decision to get married
> to someone who is essentially a stranger.]
I talked with
> Helen as M. Juan also wanted to do so. I explained how this
> happened that we could come to this much. I felt as if I
> became Ab' servant of 4000 years ago. [The familiar UBF twist of
> the Isaac & Rebekah story.]
I feel the same God is living and guiding
> us step by step. I continue pray that everything may be guided by
> God in his good will. I talked s. Helen all the back ground story
> and our prayer. And I told her that she may make her own decision
> by Sunday night. [One wonders what "decision" will be seen as
> acceptable after all this "prayer and preparation" and expensive
> airfare and elevation of the decision to a "decision of
> faith".]
After hearing from each separtely, we will check
> God's will with prayer and we will follow the next step. Please
> pray for this.
> [trimmed]
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