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A committment to ingrown leadership, insularity


Some have identified a cause of UBF's problems to be "ingrown leadership" This is an assessment of UBF that UBF leaders are reportedly "not defensive about at all". Yet, their seeming lack of defensiveness in front of those they are trying to impress (those whom they deceived into endorsing them) does not equate to an actual recognition of the problem of ingrown leadership. Here are some of UBF leader John Jun's "prayer topics" given at the Feb. 2008 UBF staff conference as reported by a Chicago UBF honcho:

4. Education direction:
a. From now on everyone (including missionaries from Korea) who wants to be a missionary should receive Chicago HQ's intensive training for one month to get missionary certificate.
b. Intern shepherd training will be for one year in HQ too
c. Chicago area Staff shepherds have two Bible studies every other Monday. They finished 1, 11 king, Colossians and now they began 1 Corinthians. Let each region have its own Bible study following the example of Chicago area UBF.

Let's go back to the Bible study. [Funny how they're always having to "go back". Maybe they should study why they keep drifting away.] Without deep Bible study we can not make disciples.

5. Public relation.
We are spiritual special task forces who fight spiritual battles. Senior staff shepherds will engage in public relations. Junior or new members may stay inside of UBF meetings to avoid confusion.

What do we see here? It's a committment to more ingrown leadership. All "education" is to be done in HQ, following the Chicago HQ "example". The occasional paid speaker from outside of UBF will be dutifully listened to and honor-bombed for "public relations" purposes, but all real education will be the usual "intensive" HQ-model Bible study. Nowhere else in John Jun's prayer topics is there a hint of trying to tackle the problem of ingrown leadership.

Then there is the decision that "Junior or new members may stay inside of UBF meetings to avoid 'confusion'". Real relationships with other churches will be discouraged, lest the "sheep" find the grass to be greener elsewhere (and less accompanied by attempts to control their lives). This, again, contributes to ingrown leadership. It's the same old UBF insularity and exclusivism.
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