rsqnonny (rsqnonny) wrote in rsqubf,

The adventures of UBF on Wikipedia

From following parts of the on-going tug-of-war of the UBF article on Wikipedia, I've learned a few things. For instance, a new word: hagiography. An outsider noted the "obvious hagiography", for example, the need on the part of certain UBF contributors to precede every "Lee" with "Dr." and to write things like "The absolute, dedicated and energetic nature of UBF's co-founder Dr. Samuel Lee and the sacrificial, hard-working and nurturing influence of Sarah Barry affected much of what UBF members did and believed". Another outsider notes the attempts by certain UBF contributors to "whitewash" UBF's controversial history, for example, the recent attempt by a UBF contributor to change the "Controversies" section to "Reviews and reactions" (ha!). "Hagiography" and "whitewashing" are good summaries to me of UBF's approach to its history.

Because of all the back and forth on the article, it has come under the attention of Wikipedia admins who are discouraging editing of the article by people who might have a conflict of interest (such as the aforementioned UBF contributors and probably people like me). It looks like they want a "disinterested third party" to clean up this article. So let me take this opportunity to discourage editing this article and encourage people to leave it up to outsiders who seem to recognize the need to clean up the hagiography and whitewashing that is present in the article. Wikipedia, being what it is, has to limit sources to those that are "verifiable", that is, sources like media reports, books and other publications. Fortunately, the admins seem to be aware that sources like are chock full of verifiable sources.
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