hdchris (hdchris) wrote in rsqubf,

UBF following the ways of the Local Church

Any real, "professional" cult such as Scientology, the Moonies or the Local Church, will use a good part of the money offered by their followers to pay lawyers and threaten their critics with lawsuits - particularly book authors and web site maintainers, who are usually private people (ex members) or small publishing houses (see for example here) who cannot afford such expensive lawyers to defend themselves.

UBF now, after years of claiming to be a "manger ministry" and to "follow Jesus who did not respond anything to his critics in court", changed their strategy and now not only invests time and money in many kinds of public relation efforts, but also in trying to silence their critics.

We don't need to think in terms of "reform movements" any more, we need to face the fact that we now have to deal with a fully-fledged cult that invests lots of money and manpower to silence any criticism and shape their image in the Internet.

So, please understand that we have to shut down some web sites which used to inform about UBF in the past. Unfortunately, our old amateurish web sites, though having been truthful, are not lawyer-proof and up to date any more, giving the UBF attorneys some good targets.

We will have to rethink how to deal with UBF now that they reached the level of a professional cult. Please log in and enter comments in a private thread to keep UBF lawyers and lurkers locked out.
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