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Rebuking culture in UBF

There is an error on this week’s Study Question for Chicago UBF. The study question is based on Luke 3:1-38. The question 3 reads

3. Read verses 7-9. How did the crowds respond to John's preaching? How did he rebuke and challenge them? (7-8a)…

But the verses 7 and 8a in the actual texts do not use the word “rebuke”. No other translations use the word “rebuke” in the verses. They all use the word, “said”. Even the Korean translation uses “이르되” which means “said”. But unfortunately the word “said” turned into “rebuke” in UBF Bible Study Question. This is not right. When one teaches the Bible, he should not teach his own interpretation or his organizational interpretation but the Bible itself. Since the Bibles uses “said”, “rebuke” in UBF Bible Study Question must be an interpretation of “said”. Therefore the question should be “How did he say to them?”

One way to look at UBF culture is to see the languages the leaders use. We all know the UBF leaders love to “rebuke”! That is why they think UBF is more spiritual. They think other local churches are less spiritual because they never rebuke their members.

So I did just word search with the word “rebuke” on Just looking at the 4 gospels, I see that Jesus never rebuked the crowd. He never rebuked anyone other than his own disciples and the evil spirits and the wind. But he did tell the disciples to rebuke their brothers when they sin. Then I went on to see how St. Paul did. He never rebuked anyone. But he did tell Timothy to rebuke with great patience and careful instruction.

The culture of UBF is the culture of “rebuking”. The more you can rebuke, the more spiritual you are. I am 100% sure that if anyone brings up the error in the Q3 during the UBF Bible Study, he will certainly be REBUKED!!
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