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(*Repost*) "...after her husband left her"

(This was posted as a comment to another thread, but I want to highlight it by posting it here.)

This was what the reprehensible Ron Ward wrote earlier this year (2008) in :

II. Jesus recognized a widow's pure worship (41-44).


One godly American woman faced a difficult financial challenge after
her husband left her. She had to get a job and support her five boys
without receiving regular child support payments. In that difficult
situation, she offered a tithe to God no matter what. And God opened
his storehouse of blessing. She prospered in her job and found God's
provision in various ways. She was able to buy a van, and even a house
and provide for her sons, who are growing in the knowledge of God. As
we hear these stories, they sound like love stories between godly
women and their generous God.

"...after her husband left her?" Ward fails to mention that the "one godly 'American' woman" was the one who filed for divorce from her husband and that the motivation for her UBF-leader-encouraged filing was his opposition to UBF. He also tries to make the man sound like a deadbeat dad who took off and was never heard from again other than sending sporadic child support. What utter rubbish and so revealing, but not unexpected from THE Samuel Lee protege. This is yet another illustration of how toxic and destructive UBF marriages can become.

Ward, as expected, is also a complete butcher when it comes to correct biblical interpretation. Among other hermeneutic atrocities, he tries to tie the story of the poor widow's offering to that UBF staple teaching, the basis of their offering-by-compulsion program, the "offering begets heavenly blessing" fallacy (See also and
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