wcanfi (wcanfi) wrote in rsqubf,

My choice of 3 top UBF reforms absolutely necessary--yours?

1. Leadership accountability

       * Among other things, there is no open community forum anywhere within UBF for discussing the many cases of
          those who left UBF either bitterly, out of fear, or out of Christian conscience
       * Cases of non-Christian, non-Biblical behavior among UBF members have no open community forum anywhere
          within UBF to discuss
      * Top leadership "Board of Elders," un-elected, has unquestioned authority to do almost anything without feedback
          from the general UBF community
2. Dependency on Samuel Lee

       * for Bible interpretation--impossible for one man to have all the answers
       * for American culture interpretation--Samuel Lee had a limited, even distorted view of American culture. Some
          primary examples:
                 - individualism (Lee's tended not to include the positive aspects of self-reliance)
                 - freedom (Lee's tended not to include the different forms: freedom of thought, of conscience, of will, of print, of
                    worship for example)
                 - music (Lee tended not to understand American music culture at all)
       * for Western family values (Lee tended not to understand this at all from Western point of view)
       * in short, Lee had very little understanding of American culture from the Western point of view, neglecting the deep
          Western European heritage and stereotyping it according to Korean and Asian viewpoints, and yet he acted with
          absolute authority to interpret American culture. This is a serious flaw in alleged missionary work in non-native
          cultures, which Lee claimed he was doing in America. Many current UBF members continue aping his narrow and
          distorted interpretations of Western/American culture to this day, and show reluctance if not resistance to
          understanding American culture as it is now and originated historically. "The Light and the Glory" founding fathers
          is not enough.

3. Financial disclosure: no regular, open community forum to discuss and vote upon

Your top 3? Thanks...wcanfi
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