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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
Dennis Rodman and Cult Apologism 
8th-Jan-2014 12:46 pm
Dennis Rodman (of all people) is now a North Korea apologist. His path to North Korea apologist is similar to the path taken by many cult apologists (also applies to UBF apologists):

1) He wants to keep an "open mind" toward a known cult leader/cult system.

2) He believes there are always "two sides to every story" (See point 1). The cult leader/system that wants to attract apologists also always insists that there are "two sides to every story".

3) He meets the cult leaders and finds that they are friendly and "cool". They seem nothing like the villains they are portrayed to be. They give him a strictly-controlled "guided tour" filled with flowers, clean houses, strange but good food, and the always-smiling faces.

4) He strikes up a friendship with the cult leaders. When confronted with negative facts about the cult, he brings up this friendship over and over. He's not hanging out with the cult leaders to either endorse or judge them. They are just his "friends". He says this over and over.

5) Former cult members/victims try to contact him to tell him that he is being used and that he has been manipulated by the cult leaders. He states emphatically that he is a friend of the cult leaders (See point 4), implicitly rejecting the harrowing testimonies of any who are not the friends of his new "friends". The more he is pressed to research the dark side of the cult that he has glossed over, the more he "doubles down".

6) His indoctrination now complete, he now advances to active apologism. "The cult isn't so bad. You guys are too negative. Look at all the positive stuff they're doing."
9th-Jan-2014 09:48 am (UTC)
Interesting that you bring this up because I too was immediately reminded of cult apologists and UBF apologists when I saw Rodman in the media. His behavior made me so very angry. I see another point: The total lack of empathy with the victims of the system. Rodmand does not think about the victims of Kim Jong Un who kills and tortures thousands in concentration camps, and is just going through a wave of executions of his enemies and people who were accused of just possessing a Bible or having watched western TV. He even killed his uncle and probably now also his aunt. Still, Rodman claims this murderer Kim is his "friend". When reporters addressed the problems, Rodman becomes angry and tells them "Let Obama care about that, I only care about basketball" or "Kim was always nice to me, I don't care about politics". This was pretty much the response we got from many UBF defenders. "Samuel Lee (or Ike Kim or whoever) was always nice to me, he helped me so much". Everything else doesn't matter to them. It's always me, me, me. The other people are just "bitter" and "hateful". No sense of justice, no empathy. Yes, Rodman is the prototype of a cult apologist.
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