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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
Why do they need a support group? 
6th-Jul-2005 06:34 pm
Here is a very good article about why they (the ex ICC members) and we (the ex UBF members) need a support group such as this one.

Here is another good and short article refuting the position that "Discipling is Dangerous But it Works." Similar "end justifies the means" arguments are well known from UBF.

Please make the usual translations:

Kip McKean -> Samuel Lee
LA Church of Christ -> Chicago UBF
7th-Jul-2005 10:27 pm (UTC) - Excellent articles
Excellent articles. When you say "make the usual translations", it really is true. There are so many similarities. In fact, when I first found the information about UBF on the UBFinfo and RSQUBF websites last year, I shared them with an Assoc. Director in my department who is also a pastor of his own church who said he was not at all surprised. He said his wife was in ICC before they were married several years ago, and he knew all the problems there and showed me their website. He also knew about UBF (though he did not know all the info. on the web until I showed him) and he actually studied with a UBF shepherd in his early college years before I came to UBF). Last year, after seeing the info. on the web, I began to share with him my personal struggles and what I had personally been through in UBF, and my husband and I had him and his family over and we shared and prayed together. It was amazing how much he understood what we went through. And the article about the need for support for exers is so true! I am thankful for former UBFers with whom we can share and support one another.
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