rsqnonny (rsqnonny) wrote in rsqubf,

Another bats--t crazy, ethically-challenged Korean "Christian" cult that loves busine$$ mission

A 2013 article in Christianity Today lays the groundwork:

"Journalism websites are abuzz today with news that IAC/InterActiveCorp sold the once-iconic Newsweek title to IBT Media, publisher of the website International Business Times. Most media coverage focuses on the history of the magazine ...
But few sites are noting that IBT has significant ties to David Jang, the Korean pastor hailed by some of his followers as a messianic figure, a 'Second Coming Christ.'"

Skip to 2018, in which Newsweek HQ is raided by the NYC district attorney after months of investigation into financial irregularities, including cash laundering. Financial irregularities with a Korean cult involved? You don't say.

A recent article reveals that the ones currently in charge of the rapidly-sinking ship called Newsweek are current members of the cult.
Tags: business mission, cults, culture, journalism, korea, koreanism

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