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RSQUBF LiveJournal Community
Always have a clever excuse, and you can even survive in UBF 
7th-Jul-2005 09:03 am
What do you do in UBF if you want to let your kids partake in non-UBF activities in order to do them something good? As you know, UBF kids are supposed to rather join an UBF orchestra or something. Non-UBF-related activities are considered a waste of time. Here is a clever excuse from a UBF member:

"My children are happy and I will put them for houseback [meant: horseback] riding classes. Who knows it may come in handy in the muslim country. If they know how to ride a horse perhaps they can ride camels as well."

[taken from here]
7th-Jul-2005 05:19 pm (UTC) - prejudice
I don't know. I am aware that many Muslim countries in the Arabic world hold large contingents of desert where camels (aka. "desert ships") are the most economic means of transportation, but I am under the impression that "Muslim ride camels" is about as much of a prejudice as "Hindu must eat cow" or "the American Satan" ... anyway. It's UBFtalk from a limited perspective.
If you watch the news from Iran or Iraq, you would see that the means of transportation in these countries inside civilized perimeters (which is everything where UBFins ever would go) - is the same as in "Western" countries: cars, motorcycles, bicicles.

The entire UBF worldview is based on bias and prejudice, and this statement immediately struck me as such a one, either.

It's so good that Christ hasn't only freed us of religious bondage, but of prejudice as well.

In Christ,
Mike K.
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